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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Yay!!! there's a sketchpad in my phone!

I've never been a big user of my mobile phone – yes, I've owned a mobile ever since they were the size of a packet of custard creams but I've never got excited about them and never downloaded a ring-tone or anything like that. When we moved to Suffolk twelve years ago, the choice of networks was limited to either A: no coverage in our village or B: there is a slight signal if you stand outside and jump up and down. Consequently I'm not into texting and if someone texts me it can be days before I get the message.

But . . . technology has moved on, a phone is not just for texts (or even phone calls). I'd heard a rumour of people actually sketching on their phones – and as a bit of a techie/geeky/digital-artwork-nerd, I got ever so slightly excited. So, when I was asked what I wanted for my birthday I asked for one of these.

It didn't take me long to add the Brushes app and I was all ready to sketch ;-)

Here's the first sketch I did from our hotel room in Santiago, looking down into the courtyard of the Parador.

And another sitting in the shade under the pine trees on the island of Toja looking across to O Grove.

I'm not alone and even David Hockney's hooked on Brushes too!

What a useful little box of tricks no bigger than a bar of Green & Blacks! Oh, and I can read your blogs on it too ;-)



  1. welcome to the 21st century Celia!

  2. Ooh clever. I'd really like one but have been put off by the price (and how adictive it might be!)


  3. wowee, brave new world! I know that you will continue to create good "old fashioned" art but there is no reason that we can't have a foot in both camps.

  4. What a persuasive sales pitch...

  5. I just got a HTC wildfire and have been having fun with it. Now I'm thinking if I can get that kind of app for it.

  6. Won't it be fun while your waiting at the hairdressers, doctors, dentist etc. Great gift!

  7. Celia, I do like what you are doing with that new sketchpad of yours! Please do continue to post some of your drawings.

    You probably did see the recent cover of The New Yorker Magazine that was digitally created by David Hockney?

    For now, I will stick with my paper and pencils and brushes and paints, and pens, too. If I ever get more time to myself (along with some funds,) I would love to experiment with this technology.

    Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  8. I'm such a luddite when it comes to phones and technology that this seems mightily impressive!

  9. I'm a Luddite too, when it comes to new technology. Only got a mobile last year, and never use it! It is there, just in case.. a bit like those things you never throw away 'just in case they might come in useful one day'. But I admire your talent.

  10. If I were an artist I'd want one too. As I'm an avid reader, my latest bit of techy geekery is my Kindle - it arrived yesterday and I've hardly had it out of my hands!

  11. I've got a iphone 4G, too. Love it. Wait til you start playing with the video recording. Remarkably high quality. Love those Hockney iphone sketches. I think that seeing them on the iphone - with the backlight - makes them even better.
    Now that you have an iphone you can get my ringtones! The chicken one is so funny (though a tad annoying.) The Carolina Wren is a very pretty song. Don't suppose you have Carolina wrens over there, though I'm sure you have wrens of some sort!

  12. Am told those things are addictive.

    Am not keen on phones - I don't want to be contactable 24/7.

  13. Oooh want it. I now own the most up to date bit of tech in our family..thats a first. iphone 4. I didn't know about the brushes app. I must investigate. Thanks for sharing as they say!

  14. well I'll be darned. I never knew that and look what lovely sketches you can do on them!


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