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Friday, 15 October 2010

I wandered off for a while . . .

Hi there! I've been away for ages . . . and some of you probably twigged that I'd wandered off somewhere. In fact I've only just got back this afternoon and just after I landed at Stansted Airport, a big fat illustration brief marked 'urgent' landed in my email in-box – so it looks as if the holiday is over before I've even unpacked!

I'd love to tell you about some of the things I found on my travels but you may have to wait a little while until I have some time to sort the photos out. However here's a taster of where I went to first, Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain (and before one of you asks me, no, I didn't walk there).

A few weeks ago I celebrated a big birthday (five - 0) 'you only live once' . . . so, Cliff and I booked into the Parador. It rained a bit . . . that's what it does in Santiago in October . . . but hey! it's romantic rain . . .

I'll pop back soon,



  1. Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  2. Happy Birthday Celia. You are just a spring chicken..I am looking the next '0' in the face very closely!

  3. Quite romantic - but being as how we're nearing Halloween, it looks spooky, too.
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday Celia! Can't wait to read about your trip and to see your photos.

  5. Hah! I would have asked if you'd been on pilgrimage.
    And happy Five O!
    Feet barely touching ground so will pop back when I can. (The cats have a botanical curiosity on their blog)

  6. Celia, welcome back, and belated happy birthday to you. From my age, your 5 0 seems like a baby.

    Your Spanish trip must have been wonderful and very inspiring. How grand to return home to a commisioning of your artistry.

    I do look forward to seeing some of the holiday photos.

    Do get some rest! xo

  7. happy birthday Celia... can't wait to hear all about it!

  8. I was wondering where you'd gone - glad it was somewhere wonderful!

  9. Isn't Santiago wonderful. Did you walk any of the Camino or enjoy mass in the cathedral? Brings back great memories.

  10. Belated birthday wishes! Sounds like a wonderful holiday.

  11. Happy birthday and good choice on both your destination and the Parador! Though I am biased as am from Spain myself :o)
    I stayed at a Parador on the Delta Ebre earlier this year (on the Mediterranean coast) and it was gorgeous.


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