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Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow from coast to coast

Many of you will have seen this image on the News websites, TV or on the front pages of today's newspapers. This is Great Britain as we've never seen it before - with a covering of snow from coast to coast. This picture is from the University of Durham's Satelite Receiving station.

I know some of you reading this in North America or perhaps Scandinavia or Northern Europe will wonder why we're getting so excited about a fairly thin covering of snow and temperatures just reaching -20C in a couple of places last night. But - we're really not used to this coast to coast snow! I just had to paste a copy of that satelite image into PPPs, just for the record.

Here in the south-west corner of Suffolk we've had a short snowfall this morning, covering the paths which were cleared last night. The clouds are just blowing over leaving a beautiful blue sky and and some welcome sunshine.

Take care if you're out and about - I'm getting the inks out to start printing the newly carved lino block.



  1. And look at Eire, flaunting her forty shades of green! I've almost forgotten what that looks like. Snowing again in West Kent this morning so I'm off to take porridge to some very fed-up hens.
    Like the look of the lino - have you tried using that strange rubbery stuff? The ink goes miles further and gives a more opaque print. But you can't put your scrapings on the compost....

  2. It is a very striking image, isn't it? I think I might need to save it away somewhere to look at when we're all basking in the heat of a barbecue summer (ha!)

    Odd weather here today - snowing on and off, but with sunny spells too. Bizarre.

  3. It's snowing here again in New England. There's so much snow on the ground that even if the girls wanted to go out, there's no place for them to scratch. Not even under the trees. I'm off to get cabbages for their indoor cabbage-ball games.

  4. Just a thimbleful....

    I, too, was struck by that amazing image - certainly one to keep. Just south of Cambridge we have about 3" os snow in the garden but the main roads are clear. It is when this lot freezes over that we must really take care! I've no chickens or cats but am feeding the birds all the time!

  5. I'd not seen that picture before. Thank you ... it really is one to remember.

    Best wishes as your printing begins.


  6. cool image! we're just getting a dusting in my part of new enland. & it's already trying to melt!

  7. It's pretty cool, isn't it? Got as low as -16oC here last night and hasn't got over -10oC all day. The frost is so thick it looks like feathers on the trees.
    Stay warm :)

  8. That picture really is quite beautiful. Whilst we're not at all used to it, having four proper seasons is what I love about the termperate climate.

    I'm sure we'll soon all be well over this snow, so for now I'm going to continue to enjoy! :O)

  9. That's an incredible image of a snowbound GB! When I posted on the weather a couple of days ago some Scandinavian and Canadian blog friends commented that they just give into it, repecting its force and limiting the damage wherever they can, but yes we always appear not to cope in these situations don't we?

    The blue sky and sunshine here in my part of Suffolk was lovely earlier and even Jess and Bobbi ventured forth!

    Try and stay warm this weekend. Jeanne x

  10. Great photo which I had not seen so thanks for posting.Fom cold snowy Surrey.

  11. I was really impressed by that image too.

  12. It is just amazing isn't it. The beauty of it is breathtaking, although I am not looking forward to trying to get to work tomorrow.

  13. I hadn't seen this photo either. Quite amazing to think of your entire country under snow. I saw an aerial view on TV last night and it was so beautiful - to lok at, I don't think I'd like to be there. Take care, won't you?

  14. What a wonderful image! Thanks for putting this up, Celia. I'm going to paste a copy, too.
    And here? Well, Carol (comment above) was getting sick of the rain last week and now it's our turn.Only 2 years since our record flood, I think we'd all like it to cease. Now, please!

  15. Hi there Celia, yep my husband is planning to copy that page too. It is an impressive sight (if that's the word) although I'm getting tired of the snow now. Thanks, wishing you a great and safe weekend too :-D

  16. I must admit to getting just a tad fed up with the white stuff !
    Anyway, Im snug and cosy here for the weekend-got to get through it on Monday for work though!
    Can't wait to see the print.

  17. It is a beautiful image and living here I can just about begin to imagine what our white covered hills might look like from space. I am a bit intimidated by the thought of much more though - our world is feeling rather on the edge!

  18. I saw this beautiful image on another blog and I was blown away by it. I think it's great that you've put it here - in the summer we'll look back and hardly believe all this!

  19. I am very intrigued by your lino prints and how you work so it is lovely to see the photo below.

    My knowledge of lino printing is very limited, I would love to do a class someday. In the meantime I will keep watching your blog. Maybe you would show us how you do the inking and the printing, is it lino and paper on top? Do you use a press, do tell!


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