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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Normal service

As I work from home, it's service as normal in my studio. I'm enjoying cutting the new lino block . . .

The under-gardeners (and that now includes The Spice Girls and Tarragon) aren't enjoying the accumulating snow and frozen grass. This morning there was yet more snow and the biting north-easterly wind is getting stronger, so I've set up a 'café' for them under the pine tree and behind the hedge beside the patio. I scattered some corn among the pine needles so that Tarragon can busy himself scratching for morsels of food for his girls - "look look look" he clucks in a burbling baritone. Humour him girls, I know there's masses of corn in the feeder, but he needs to feel useful!

Oh, before I forget, the studio assistants would like you all to know that they made it in to work on time :-)

Looks like the 'Big Freeze' as it's been dubbed by the BBC, is going to last for a week or three longer. Stay safe everyone.


  1. Looks like the studio assistants needed to recover after their gruelling journey to work. And I pleased to see that cockerel making himself useful. My "livestock" are frozen into the pond-the 2 goldfish looked like mandarin oranges set into a jelly when I last saw them before it snowed.

  2. the studio assistans look well pleased to be in warm baskets! please take care of yourself & stay warm.

  3. How grand to have all that assistance outdoors and indoors!

    Your new lino block looks great in that closeup. Not so easy to have all those cuts sweeping up and down and all around. It wonderful to see how you manage the "intersections" of the design.

    Wow! xo

  4. Lino cut is looking good! Lucky you - and Studio Assistants - not having to travel far to work in this weather. Lucky me too, being retired!

  5. Ooh I've just caught up on some fabulous PPP posts. Your fox design is just wonderful Celia. It's so exciting and thrilling to see the detail as it develops - love those birds.

    The other birds seem to have rather a cool cafe to hang out in.

  6. I think a lot of folk have followed the studio assistant's lead and stayed home in the warm today (maybe not in baskets though!) I'm certainly glad I work from home and have been making regular dashes outside with supplies for the many blackbirds and thrushes. They are hungry, poor things. Love the under-gardener's cafe, it's good to see Tarragon is making himelf useful!

    Stay warm! Jeanne x

  7. Isn't it wonderful not to have to go out and engage with the long commute to anywhere? We are by the stove tonight having been out today where it is unbelievably beautiful. Love the look of the linocut.

  8. Just a thimbleful....

    I love the close-up of the lino cut, impressive photography! I suspect you do not have a point and pray camera like me.
    Just looking at the cats is SO relaxing, they are such sensible animals!

  9. We, being tropical cats, don't know about snow, but we are wondering if we will have another Big Flood.
    We have just been outside inspect the garden - it's very wet!

  10. Celia, Happy New Year! I'm doing a lot of catching up and am enchanted by your photos of the under-gardeners, the studio assistants and your countryside. Not to mention that splendid lino block which is already beautiful and I can't wait to see the finished product. Three of our five under-gardeners are broody, not enjoying the heat, rain, humidity, and are lying around in their boxes doing Camile impersonations. I hope your cold weather is bearable. From what we see on TV it looks pretty serious. All the best, Carol

  11. What a pleasant blogspot! I've come over via Welsh Hills Again - attracted by your avatar. I know nothing at all about lino blocks but do know something about studio asistants. I'm off to have a look at your website, and I look forward to visiting again.

  12. tantalising glimpse of your new lino-cut ....

  13. I love the little cafe you set up for the under-gardeners. You have such a great way of telling the stories of your friends.

    Your studio assistants don't look as if they work too hard, are they supervisors?

    Its great to see one of your works in progress!


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