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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Here comes the snow again

This morning it seemed as though we were on a snowless island which was gradually getting smaller and smaller . . .

until around midday - yes it's now snowing here too and starting to settle on the frozen ground.

Excuse me! This white stuff - it doesn't taste as good as it looks! May we have some more corn please?


  1. tarragon (in the back?) looks like he has cold feet!

  2. Mine actualy like to eat it! Silly birds.

  3. Yep, we thought we were going to escape too, but we didn't. Mind you, it looks like we might be in for it again tomorrow while the rest of the country escapes ...

  4. Aah bless!

    We had quite a bit this afternoon -good excuse for more snowy pics though!

    Jeanne x

  5. My hens won't come out and walk on it!

  6. "Do we need to eat it all?" ;) You'll have snoweggs for breakfast :)

  7. Like Gina's hens all but one of my girls will not go anywhere near the snow. The only one that dares to come out is my Black Rock, the others just stand in the hen house doorway making a lot of disgruntled chicken noises!

  8. Hi Celia - many thanks for the link to Hugh's recipe ... will hopefully get the chance to try it out over the next few days... it's been lovely and snowy here in Brittany too - was out yesterday taking loads of photos for my latest posting - I wondered if the 7th photo of all the snowy branches of our walnut tree against the blue sky might make a good subject for a lino print?

  9. They look so beautiful. I have 'henvy'.


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