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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What did you do on Snow-Monday?

It was as if the country desparately needed an excuse for a day off. Isn't that what Bank Holidays are supposed to be about but aren't, because we whizz around doing stuff and getting stressed out – yesterday thousands of people just took a day off and played. I've been looking at some of your great photos – Gina was making snow angels, Matron and Soilman were looking at how the snow had transformed their vegetable plots, Lucy made a cute little film (nice one!), Vegetable Heaven watched from her window, Zoe went for a walk and met some photogenic villagers . . .

. . . so, what happened to Magic Cochin?

As I wrote the previous post on Sunday afternoon the snow was starting to settle, we decided to go to the local cinema to see Slumdog Millionaire, this was our first visit to the brand new multi-screen just a few miles away. "If it's packed out we'll book for the later showing", "OK" I said (I can't say I was that keen to go out, I felt a bit subdued). The snow was swirling around the bright lights outside the cinema, there wasn't a queue – there were about 10 of us in Screen 4 to see the multi-Oscar nominated film sensation.

As the loud rhythmic music blasted out accompanying dizzying camera-work cascading through the turmoil of of the slums of Mumbai, I began to feel increasingly nauseous – it was as if the sound and images were turning my stomach. Had I developed synesthesia?

Cliff obviously enjoyed the film more than I did. "I thought it was going to be more of a 'feel-good' movie", "Indian cities are tough places", "I know. The ending was nice." And yes, it was a fabulous ending, there aren't many films where you have to stay for all the end credits – but this was one.

We drove home along the white roads leading into the village, the front yard was completely covered in a blanket of soft snow. I opened the door and the kitchen was full of the smell of pheasant pot-roast (I'd set the timer on the oven and our dinner was ready to eat on our
return). "Dinner smells good", "Mmm.....?" I said as I lifted the Le Creuset pot out of the oven, "I think I need to sit down". And that was it – I hadn't got synesthesia or lost my liking for a great movie experience – I was a victim of the dreaded 'winter vomiting bug' !

So, that was my Snow-Monday; I didn't go out to play in the snow or take photos, I stayed inside in the warm with the studio-assistants. After completing a digital illustration commission deadline and sending the work off in an email, I was too weak to do anything else.

I missed being out in the winter wonderland yesterday and now the snow is melting fast, but I have ventured out into the garden this morning. If blogger was behaving itself I would have uploaded a video of the senior under-gardeners and Spice Girls on the snowy lawn, instead here a couple of stills . . .

Ginger surveys the scene from up high

Nutmeg bravely strides out


  1. nice to see the ladies strutting around in the snow.

  2. Ladies look lovely - mine won't even step food outside into the snow, despite wading through it the first year we had them! I'll give them a break, they're old ladies.

    Glad you liked my silly film :)

    And hope you're back to full health soon xxx

  3. We saw "Slumdog" at the w/e too and like you I thought it was okay but somewhat overhyped. Didn't have quite such a drastic effect on me though. Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. I hope you fell better soon.

  5. Nutmeg has a stunning coat!! may we see some close ups? is that a punk hairdo?

  6. If your feeling better it looks like you will be able to play in the snow on friday - if forecasts are to be believed!

  7. Oh poor you, that's a really nasty bug.

    Hope that you are feeling super fit soon.

    Great to see the hensenjoying the snow.

  8. Petoskystone - there, you got to see them in the end!

    Lucy - they're not stupid - if the snow came up to my chest I don't think I'd go outside without boots and thick leggings! I'm starting to feel a little better.

    Gina - when I see the Oscars ceremony I'll keep thinking of how sick I felt!!!!

    Jules - I hope so too, not too bad this morning.

    Matron - isn't she fab! I think the hair's more like 1980's Rod Stewart!

    Rhiannon - more snow!!!!

    CS - your telling me!!!!! next time I hear a hospital or school has been closed because of an outbreak they'll get my deepest sympathy!


  9. Looks like you had lots of snow compared to us!

    Hope you are feeling better! Jon had it at Christmas, and its horrid!

  10. I hope you are fully recovered now-it sounds horrid. I watched the wild birds feeding frantically on Monday-I am sure they knew the snow was coming.

  11. Poor you, that sounds really rotten and hope you are restored to fulll health very, very soon.

    What lovely Chooks you have.

  12. Did you get any snow today? Owen's school was shut again for the third time this week. It's not looking good for tomorrow.

  13. Hi Sarah - you've probably got more snow now! But we have got off lightly compared to other parts of the country.

    Threadspider - I'm sure animals can feel the weather changing.

    Rhiannon - I think we're just on the border of where the snow becomes sleet - a sprinklng this morning. I think you'll get more snow but we won't ;-)

    Thank you Toffeeapple and everyone else - I'm just about recovered and definitely over the worst - which was absolutely horrible.



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