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Monday, 9 February 2009

Have you egged today?


This was our first six-egg day!


  1. Wonderful! How did you eat them?

  2. Woo-hoo! A six egg day. Go! chookies!

  3. Hi Gina - Saffron's egg joined Phoebe's egg from yesterday in the custard - to pour on the apple crumble :-)

    Thanks Dinahmow - full scale production - little stars!


  4. Ah this is fabulous! Don't you just love it....great photo

  5. A great sign that the daylight hours are increasing! What good hens.

  6. Quite apart from the fact that all your chickens layed... Did you make that personalised plate??? It's lovely.

  7. What clever girls - a lovely round half-dozen. They look very pretty (and tasty) in that bowl. It reminds me of a painting by Cedric Morris (url below). Emma x


  8. Someday I have house of my own,and maybe I'll have six eggs days as well :)

    Happy valentimes day! :)

  9. Hi Leanne - they're the best!

    Veg Heaven - Spring's on it's way :-)

    Casalba - the names aren't really on the dish - it's all done by digital trickery ;-)

    Silverpebble - Oh thanks for the link to that lovely painting - I'll have to get to work on some prints!

    Hi Toffeeapple - the under-gardeners and Spices send their best clucks!

    Hi Dottycookie - well worth celebrating!

    Valentine's Day is the birds wedding day - hope you have a lovely day in your garden in Finland Quu!


  10. Wish we could have eggs here. We would be so happy to harvest our own eggs and skip the walk to the farmers market.


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