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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It's like walking on eggshells

Hey! it worked this time . . .

Here's the vid that wouldn't upload this morning

Nutmeg has been transformed since we came back from our holiday (or was she swapped with a lookalike while we were away?). Gone is the timid and skittish, bottom of the pecking order, little hen I felt very sorry for; not only has she started laying, perfect pale blue-shelled eggs, but she is confident and friendly too.

Yesterday I watched her ploughing through the snow which came right up to her breast. Here she is today, scrunching over the ice-crusted snow. The other hens are marooned on the island of grass, top right; except for Sylvie, who is all in a flap, poor dear! She needs to get up into the nest to lay an egg, but how do you do it without stepping on snow?


  1. I love her little commentary!

  2. This film is fab Celia - love the crunching noise of her feet - and is that a robin singin in the background?

  3. Been following your ladies for a while, this is greatest adventure yet.

  4. Hi, just found your blog and design website via Life in the Dome (Australia). My family comes from Suffolk, so I loved seeing your images on the site. Just wanted to say hi and Wow - just LOOK at that snow!

  5. I just discovered your blog too through Life in the Dome and the chicken walking on snow cheered up my entire day! I'm where it's very hot and my hens have been panting!

  6. What a lovely video, isn't she beautiful?

    Do yu have more snow today, as we do?

  7. Oh i love this, I laughed so hard. What precious creatures. I think we will have a bit in common. Love this blog and will be back..xx

  8. Ah yes it was your clip I saw at Life in the Dome...so very very funny! Poor cold little feet.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog...so very nice to have you there.

  9. Veg Heaven - so do I, she's a chatty little thing!

    Thank you Gina!

    Silverpebble - well done bird-nerd!

    Hi Woodland Fay - thanks for visiting, it's been quite a week for the under-gardeners and Spice Girls.

    Taccolina - Hi, welcome to Suffolk! yes we certainly have snow, but not as much as the Midlands and West Country.

    Gidgetknits - the girls are so pleased their 'cool adventures' have amused chook keepers in Oz :-)

    Toffeeapple - a little extra snow, it's hanging around because temperatures are so low.

    Amber - hi! welcome to PPPs.

    Leanne - love the photos on your blog.

    To all the Aussie chook keepers who popped in via 'Life in the Dome' - thank you so much for visiting. And I hope you and your families (human, furred and feathered) are safe and well in the heat. I've been thinking of the horrific bush fires and the hundreds of folk devastated by this and all the love and support they will need to rebuild their lives.



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