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Thursday, 8 May 2008


This is what we've been waiting for . . . Sunshine!!!!!

It's amazing how England and the English are transformed by a few days of perfect blue skies and sunshine. Everyone's so much more relaxed, we smile, work doesn't seem a chore if we can feel the warmth of the sun when we go outside. We have impromptu picnics; congregate at the waters edge - river, lake and sea; and everyone's inner gardener wants to plant things in the soil!

I love hand weeding at any time of year (weird, I know!) but this week it's a real chance to get up close to the plants without getting wet knees and muddy fingers. In the vegetable garden the Broad Beans are in flower, with metalic grey-green leaves and stunning flowers preceding the pods they have it all. 'Bunyards Exhibition' is an old favourite – the dramatic white and black flowers have a heady scent.

The 'Crimson Flowered' Broad Beans are show-stoppers – the depth of colour of the flowers is gorgeous!

You know summer is one its way when the cricket season has started and the Strawberry plants are in flower. We have two varieties, this one is 'Gariguette', the flowers are held above the leaves on long stalks – and they smell of marzipan!

'Cambridge Favourite' is a lower growing plant with darker blue-green leaves. The unscented flowers are in dense clusters below the leaves.

Temperatures have soared this week, the greenhouse thermometer has peaked at 41˚C. The Tomato plants spend the day outside, but I put them back in the greenhouse at night, just in case temperatures drop.

When the weather's like this everyone thinks gardening is fun!


  1. Indeed, when the sun is shining, everyone is happy. Love the pictures...

  2. Gardening? I think Chester's in his very own private solarium!

    And that bean flower-WOW!

  3. I love those beans!
    Had breakfast in the garden this morning...the start to a perfect weekend:-)
    Take care,
    Alison x

  4. The only trouble with this time of year is deciding which photographs to post when there are so many lovely things to look at!

    This may seem like a silly question, but do your crimson broad beans always come out the same deep red? I have a few pink ones which I think are the result of an accidental cross, but I wanted to compare notes with someone else who grows them, in case it was a bit of natural variation I didn't know about.

    What a cute ginge! My ginger cat plonked his great clodhopping backside on my last remaining onion plant yesterday. *sigh*

  5. What a lovely and productive garden you have. I'm truly envious! I have a tiny rectangular patch that tips up by about one metre at one corner, very difficult to balance while digging...

  6. What a lovely assistant you have taking time out having a stretch in the greenhouse. Your garden is no doubt looking a picture, if your pictures are anything to go by. x

  7. I once had two toffee coloured cats, both heartbreaker boys. One day I will have another orange boy in my arms :)

  8. Ah, that elusive sunshine. We're still waiting for it here in Seattle. They say that the next 3 days should bring sunshine and very warm temps. But can't complain too much. There is plenty of color and scent in the garden and even the potager is coming along quite nicely. --Curmudgeon

  9. Hi Carol - thanks for visiting!

    Dinahmow - Chester likes a warm tummy!

    Hi Alison - life's so much better when you can have brecky outside!

    Hi Rebsie - your right there's quite selection of flower colours amoung the 'Crimson Flowered' beans - I'll post some pictures so you can compare with yours.

    Toffeeapple - I'm sure your garden is a delight.

    Louise - May is definitely the time for photos of the garden - all that new growth and colour!

    Quu - I love the idea of Chester being a toffee coloured cat!

    Curmudgeon - I'm sure your summer will be worth waiting for - I'd love to be looking out over Puget Sound in the sunshine!


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