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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Hung up to dry

My mind is full of new ideas for colourful prints, but before getting distracted by new work I had to print the four 'Hare' blocks that I have just finished cutting. So yesterday I had an intensive printing session and managed to print ten of each design. Of course not all are good prints and some will just be ditched (I'll use them for sketching or scrap books) but seeing them all hung up to dry was a satisfying sight.


  1. I know the feeling Celia.

    When I used to make wooden toys I loved surveying the ranks of finished, ready to go toys. No blood, sweat and tears just good clean lines!

  2. Know what you mean - so satisfying to see a line of completed work.

  3. Celia - I love the picture. It beats washing on the line...

  4. What a glorious sight-all those hares. Just wonderful. Are you going to do a coloured hare series some day too, now you have been on that course? It would be stunning.

  5. Ahhh, don't you love a good printing day? You must have had a nice block of time to get so much done. Can't wait to see your new pieces inspired by your class.

  6. Just had time for a quick look before rolling out some ink. That's a pretty good "run" for hand-burnishing.

  7. I love your new hare designs and so does Mr P, especially as we get so many round our way. Might be calling on you soon for one of these.

  8. Lovely picture, reminds me of Watership Down for some reason; I know they are Hares.

    I shall look forward to seeing these on Etsy.

    Best Wishes ,


  9. CS - do you still make toys?

    Gina - it's a good feeing at the end of a day's printmaking.

    GBVC - and there's no ironing!

    Threadspider - Coloured hares may crop up soon!

    Artslice - I had a window of opportunity while the editor's have gone quiet for a few days! Hope I get some more printing days to try out some new ideas.

    Dinahmow - good for toning up the arms!

    Silverpebble - hope to see you soon.

    Hi Zoe - thank you, they'll be on Etsy later in the summer.


  10. I can imagine how much work and effort that is. What a dynamite photo!areiikqn


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