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Monday, 26 May 2008

The sit-in!


  1. Ah, a dispute. We had one of these when I was little once - dog versus budgie. It did not end well. The two parties are better matched in this case though. Have you tried the usual conciliation services?

    Celia, what have you and Gina started? - blogging's addictive. Is there such a thing as B.A.?


  2. dinahmow gave me your link. Love the kitty picture. Good to know, I suspect, since I have chickens coming soon, and my cat won't know what hit her. :-)


  3. I LOVE this photograph ... everything about it ... especially the thought that your cats are jealous of your hens and are responding in the only way they know how ;)

    Hope you resolve it soon


  4. Silverpebble - The biscuit nicking is becoming a problem, so the studio assistants have a valid reason for complaint. It's easy to become a blogaholic - but when Miss P2 arrives you'll have very little time!

    Hi Tara - welcome to PPPs!
    Cats and hens can establish a mutual respect. But the biscuit nicking incidents are putting a strain on the relationship!

    Hi Dinahmow and Joanna - couldn't resist grabbing the camera and posting this!


  5. Oh Celia, I see those darling cats continue to take over that hen house. Gotta love 'em!


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