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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Hang on . . . it's only February!!!

The celandine flowers are shining like miniature suns . . . bees are buzzing . . . Brimstone butterflies are out and about . . . yesterday was just perfect for some serious gardening . . .


  1. I've noticed that our bees are out foraging a lot, particularly when its a bit warmer around midday.

  2. The bees are making the most of getting some early energy, I suspect. It is good to see them after the winter.

  3. I hope this cold and dull day won't get to them, the poor things.

  4. Oh, yes, that's serious gardening!These days, I don't have bees or chickens and given the current rain it might be just as well!

  5. Hi and thank you for your comments - it's another glorious sunny day but cold, it is worrying that early insects will suffer.

    Dinahmow - I looked at the link on your blog - Streuth!!! you've had some rain!


  6. Isn't it amazing to see bees this time of year? I have seen a couple of huge bumblebees and I fear they might have come out too early! Also wonderful to see chickens doing what chickens should do, naturally!

  7. What a lovely photo of the bee on the celandine, is celandine classed as a weed, I have lots in my garden, and it is pretty, my dad loves it too. x

  8. All a bit odd isn't it? I've had a few sprigs of peppermint still popping up over the soil and the daffodils are blooking. Global warming? Naaah!!


  9. Matron - it's a joy to watch the hens, they exude enthusiasm!!!

    Louise - a weed is just a plant in the wrong place!

    David - the seasons are keeping us all on our toes!

  10. Celia, I'm using the high speed at the library so I'm browsing through some of the previous posts. I'm the one who loves chickens. Speaking of hens, have you read the book "Hens Dancing"? I wasn't too keen on the book itself but I was delighted at every mention and event that included the hens, "mustard, custard, and flustered". I can't get those wonderful names from my mind.

    Oops, getting carried away with hen chatter ...



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