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Monday, 9 December 2013

Inside the House of Made & Found

Saturday was the day we'd dreamed about and worked hard to make happen; Emma's cunning plan was about to become reality – but would it work? would people turn up and buy things?

I was very grateful that was offered a bed in the Made & Found house, for Friday night; so after supper I packed everything in the tardis and drove down to North London. Although it had been a long day, I set to and arranged my wares at one the end of the kitchen . . .

the brick fireplace was perfect for showing my Christmas cards

and the cards and unframed prints fitted onto a round table.

Saturday early morning was a flurry of activity, Val arrived with her woven willow and set up her stall in the conservatory.

Emma arranged a beautiful cabinet of her silver jewellery, made with precious gems and vintage treasures, in an antique cabinet in the hallway.

Also in the hall was Debbie's shimmering display of hand-dyed yarns.

There was more (but I somehow didn't take photos of them!) 
Karen, Lilli and Claire were in the sitting room; Tracy was in her own sewing room; and next to me in the kitchen was Linda.

Also in the kitchen was this delicious array of food baked by Miss Georgina Worthington . . . and yes it was as scrummy as it looks!

 Can you spot someone wearing golden shoes?
I wonder who it is?

Right from when the Made & Found house opened its doors at 10am, the rooms started to buzz with chatter . . . customers were soon buying things and we knew the cunning plan was working!

As the day progressed Twitter friends appeared and introduced themselves . . . some had driven a very long way to be there! In the cosy snug, impromptu crochet tutorials happened between complete strangers and Val taught people how to make stars . . . this is mine :-)

As the light faded outside the visitors drifted away and we had time to chat with each other and swap information and ideas; bartering and swapping took place too!

I came home with a woven willow tree, the softest most luxurious silk and camel yarn and a beautiful eggcup/vase/cup - all even more special because I know exactly who made them.

Thank you to everyone who came along - it wouldn't have been a success without you!

Maybe the Made & Found house will pop up somewhere else in the spring? 

Now I have boxes to unpack and new work to plan . . . and our own Christmas to think about!



  1. Wonderful crafts here, I'm glad it went so well! :) x

  2. That looked such a great display. A festive spirit in the true sense.

  3. What a lovely event with super goodies! Love the look of the yarn.

  4. Celia, I am so glad that the day was a success. Bravo to all involved in the planning and execution of Made & Found! How I wish I could have been there in person.


  5. So pleased it was a success for you Celia. Sounds wonderful.

  6. It looks like the perfect way to start displaying your beautiful wares. I am so pleased to hear that it was a success for you and how I wish I lived a little closer. xoxo

  7. Great idea - a real mix of talent. Well done x Jane

  8. Oh, that looks just gorgeous. Glad it went well x

  9. It looks like a wonderful time was had and with some gorgeous things for sale.

  10. I'm so pleased it was so successful celia:))

  11. What a wonderful event! Everything looks delightful. I love your prints!

  12. That looks like so much fun! I so wish I could have been there. Will you do it again?


  13. Just discovered your beautiful designs in Country Living! Inspiring me to get the lino cutters out! :) Have a merry christmas. x


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