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Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Secret Sewing Project

I promised in a previous post fabrics designed by me . . . and there isn't long to wait!

In fact sample lengths arrived in my studio earlier in the summer, but I knew I'd be too busy to make things from them . . .
then I had a cunning plan :-)

The Secret Sewing Project

I enlisted the help of three of clever creative blogging friends who I knew wouldn't be able to resist a free parcel of fabric :-D

And I invited them to . . .

Then, inspired by the excited emails I received with attached photos of work-in-progress, I got out Starlet and did some sewing myself :-) The fabric was so lovely I've found my long-lost stitching mojo!

The Secret Sewing Project big 'reveal' is coming to a blog near you very soon . . . Friday 4th October is tah-daaah day :-)

I'm excited to see what Gina, Su and Tracy have been stitching, aren't you?!

And my trusty Starlet will share her 'make' too!


Psst! I've heard a rumour there may be a give-away


  1. Looking forward to Friday to see the revelations.

  2. I'll stop by on Friday. Eek! That's tomorrow...

  3. How wonderful. Love fabric! Think my sewing machine will come out to play when the garden is put to bed for the winter.

  4. Celia, the suspense is indeed building. I know that your fabric designing is going to be so beautiful. It couldn't miss!

    Let's see. I am commenting on Wednesday, so the curtain opening can't be far off now. xo

  5. Oh roll on Friday:))

  6. I'm on blog post catch up and see that it's already the day of the reveal! Can't wait to scroll forward.... or log in again later... to see what the fabric is like and what's been produced. How exciting for you Celia. Ps I love that machine of yours!

  7. The blue! I love it ... may have to go the whole hog and have some more of your wonderful fabric xx

  8. I had to smile : I recognize your sewing machine. My first sewing machine as a Singer Genie --orange, yellow and creame--just like yours. It was a workhorse!


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