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Monday, 21 January 2013

The shop is open!

Many of you have already found my new-look Etsy shop . . . and my Etsy iPhone app has already "ker-chinged" Thank you!!!

On the blog layout, you'll notice there's a new button to take you to the shop (if you're watching in google reader, mobile version or whatever, you may not see it).

While dusting down the shelves I noticed a new  Etsy thingy . . . 'About', so I've added a fun little intro – you can see it here.

I though you might like to see the 'real' shop . . .  yes it does exist ;-) it's a red shoe box and looks like this

. . . and as you can see, I need to get busy packing and posting those orders; which means I'll have to go outside . . . in the snow! Yes, like most of the UK our corner of Suffolk is looking very wintery indeed.

This is our village green . . . don't Suffolk pink cottages cheer up a snow scene!



  1. Love the new look of everything Celia. One of these days I'll give my web presence an overhaul... it just seems to take me so long to get my head around the technology!

  2. A great new look Celia, a fresh start for 2013. It looks good and I like the walking boots! I've just changed one picture on my website and updated the about me section, enough for now!

  3. Celia, your shop and the village green in snow cover are both looking so very good!

    Your not just for Valentine's Day cards are marvelous designs. Bravo! xo

  4. I don't envy you the trip out in the snow (I'm being very lazy and staying cosy in my jammies by the fire). I'm popping over to your shop for a mooch now!

  5. The new look is lovely, and whilst the snow too is pretty i for one will be glad when its gone!

    Gaz: Alternative Eden

  6. when summer it looks great with many green everywhere.


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