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Friday, 25 January 2013


The room next-door to my studio has a multitude of uses . . . study, gallery, meeting room, bedroom, breakfast room, guest room. We call it 'the book room' – er, because it it full of books . . . and maps, many many maps!

But I don't think it ever looked loved, it was usually a dump for stuff in transit between other rooms.

For years I've had a plan, but never actioned it . . . what the room should be is a 'snug'.

Snug, noun
English : a small comfortable room (usually in a pub) with seats for only a few people

Last week Cliff and I drove over to a nearby furniture store to see what was in their sale, and now – ta-daaah!!!!

 The studio snug :-)

The pale gold velvet upholstery wouldn't have been my choice, but it was a bargain and it's a sofa-bed too. It is also the perfect place to use my crazy patchwork quilt . . . I made it over many years and has hardly ever been unfolded since I finished it about 10 years ago.

So, now I have a convenient cosy place to sit when I'm planning ideas, or packing cards, or just putting my feet up for five minutes.

Surprise, surprise! of course the studio assistants think this has been done just for them! The trouble is they aren't very good at sharing (with each other or with me).



  1. So cosy and I love the beautiful patchwork quilt.

  2. Gorgeous quilt! While The Assistants might not be aces at sharing, I'm sure they're quite pleased with the new bed you've bought them. ;)

  3. Looks lovely and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as the studio assistants, if they let you ;-)

  4. It looks as if the assistants are well and truly settle in, I hope that they budge up a bit for you sometimes.
    It makes a lovely spot to pack your cards and relax sometimes too.

  5. Celia, you are very wise to put a sofa in; I have found that often stops a room becoming a dumping ground. We have a room which started off as a library and is now almost impassable. Now, where's that catalogue...?

  6. aha! it's fabulous Celia, I love it and the fact that you made that quilt is amazing! (I'm still scared of my sewing machine) We have a room like this - Andrew's study, fish room, wardrobe room and supposed-to-be guest room. Sofa beds are the way to go - so jealous you got one in a sale!
    Thanks so much for your comment xxx

  7. Celia, your snug is so very snug. The sofa is fine, but adding that amazing crazy quilt really gives a very different atmosphere to the room. ( I do love crazy patchwork, and once kept a favorite tweed coat going past its original dateline by repairing its lining with my own variation of crazy patchworking. Wish I still had that coat even now.

    The studio assistants have style and taste.


  8. My grandmother had a quilt just like that on each of her sofas every winter. I got such a pang when I saw your photo. I really should get on and make one of my own.

  9. It looks lovely and cosy, every home should have a space like this! :) x

  10. What fun it is changing a room; it looks cosy and welcoming, I love the crazy quilt; enjoy using the sofa if the cats let you!!

  11. Your snug looks perfect and your quilt is so beautiful.. Oh! And congratulations on getting a bargain.. Always good.


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