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Friday, 26 October 2012


You may remember that I was doubtful whether this year's squash would have time to mature - on 1 September there were 2 Galeux d'Eysines Squash about the size of grapefruit.

Well, here they are harvested and I'm impressed by the size and weight - probably the largest squash I've ever managed to grow in the 3 sisters bed.

They are roughly the same weight - can you guess how heavy they are?

Who's guess is the closest? 
Competition closes Sunday 28th October
6pm GMT

I might give a prize if someone is spot on ;-)


PS: the Tabby studio assistant weighs 4.5 kilos


  1. 6.5 kilos. Will you be carving or baking with these gorgeous pumpkins? Or will you be sharing the bounty with the chickens?

  2. Well, my husband and I have given this very careful consideration and we think that a) the cat is very sweet and b) the pumpkins are 6.5kg each, so that's 13kg combined (2.8 cats!)

    Have a good weekend :O)

  3. OOps we didn't notice we have the same weight as the person before us! We'll say 6kgs each instead.

  4. Cats are quite light aren't they, and pumpkins strangely heavy, so 7 kg ish, um, 6.8kg, that's my guess, probably way out. Give the gorgeous Tabby assistant a snuggle from me :D

  5. I definitely have to have a bash at this so I guess 7.6kg. Gorgeous cat BTW.

  6. I reckon one is about 9kg and 1 is about 9.2 - wild guess actually!

  7. I'm 5kg and my sister is 4.5kg and sometimes, if I jump on The Secretary she calls me a "big, fat squash"
    So I think your pumpkins might be like me and my sister...9.5kg
    (I don't like pumpkin, but my sister says it's very tasty.)

  8. Wow, they are impressive! I have no idea about pumpkin weights so am not going to attempt a guess but I do know that I now have a desire to grow a pumpkin myself next year!
    By the way I sent off one of your wonderful cards to my dad for his birthday and as I suspected he absolutely loved it, thanks x

  9. I am American so I don't do kilos. I'd guess about 25 pounds combined weight so 11.33 kilos.

    I like this game...such fun!

    PS- I am lovin' that kitty! : )

  10. Love your cat! I'm no good with weights, bet 'heavy' won't be good enough! Ada :)

  11. I've absolutely no idea how much those impressive pumpkins weight, but do want to sent along lots of praise to the feline assistant for a very impressive harvest.

    Were these the pumpkins that were growing while dancing to the rhythm of the sun in your time lapse photo video?


  12. Heehee, I was obviously way off target with my guess going by these guesses! However, I always find pumpkins to weigh far less than they actually look. Cats too!

  13. What a lovely photo. This caused much discussion in our household, but we are going for 3.5 kilos each. Probably way (he!he!) out!

  14. I'm going to say 8.1kg. Which was the weight of my biggest cat, Kipper, in his prime! It was all muscle too...

  15. I'm going for a whopping 14 kilos!

  16. Hmmm, I'm not confident here but I'd put the bigger one at 10kg which makes the smaller one about 9.5 kg.

  17. Water weighs heavy - litre = 1 kilo so on that basis I am going for 30 kilos or thereabouts (each one at around 15kg) based on my knowledge of how much the volumes of sugar syrup take up that I feed my bees. If we are measuring in cats, then I wager 6 cats and a litter of kittens

  18. I haven't got a clue but I'll just pick a number that nobody else has said yet: about 5 kilos each.


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