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Sunday, 28 October 2012

. . . and the pumpkins weigh . . .

The two Galeux d'Eysines Squash weighed 11kg and 11.5kg - surprisingly heavy, but these are densely fleshy gourmet squash and not your bog standard jack o'lantern pumpkins!

Here's a chart of the guesses - as you can see most people under-estimated. Zoe's deductions were along the right lines but then she went to far over the top! And Debs Dust Bunny, I thought you'd were bang on target but you then said 'combined' - so you ended up way off target.

The closest guesses were Su (I thought she'd get close), Geiger (brilliant estimating) and best of all .... drum roll .....

Cat of Stripes - a kilo short of the mark but an excellent guess - if you email your address to me: studio at celiahart dot co dot uk I'll pop a small prize in the post.

Thanks for taking part


  1. Oh no.. I have lost all credibility in the pumpkin patch! : ) It was fun having a go.

    Now, when do we get to eat them?!

  2. Well done on your graph skills! Ada :)

  3. Over the top - that just about sums me up! Congrats to the winner though and thanks for the fun x

  4. Oh well not even close! Great fun though and congrats to the winner.

  5. Geiger has just come in from the rain (hallelujah! rain!)and is damply asleep on the spare bed, caring nought for pumpkins today.
    I enjoyed the game.

  6. Wow! Those were some solid squash!!

  7. Well done Cat of Stripes! Good to know I was close :-)

  8. I knew I was rubbish. But not that rubbish ; )

  9. Haha not even close!! It was a bit of fun, thank you :O)

  10. Oh well done to Cat of Stripes, I have met her and her husband, she has lovely hair.

  11. Good heavens, I am surprised. They are great pumpkins though and I've had prior knowledge of them, if you see what I mean!

    Lovely to take part with so many others ...

    and Toffeeapple, you're making me blush!


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