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Monday, 22 August 2011

Season's end? . . . not just yet!

There's a late summer, end of season feel. . . when the rain falls you know autumn isn't far away; but then then the sun comes out the intense dry heat of harvest returns.

On Friday evening I went along to the Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden for the opening of the A-Mazing Art exhibition, which also kicked off the 10 day Maze Festival. Thank you to everyone who came along, Helen has organised a lovely exhibition – which along with everything else in the gallery, is well worth popping in to see. I was very pleased to arrive just as someone was buying one of my Saxon Labyrinth prints; and the framed print is in the gallery window . . .

There was much excitement about another exhibition opening at the Fry Art Gallery on Saturday: Edward Bawden 1903-1989 – Watercolours, Drawings, Prints and Illustrations. I had to be somewhere else on Saturday, so I couldn't attend the private view – probably for the best, as all the work is for sale and competition to be first through the door and place a claim on the pictures was going to be high! I'm not sure I would have come out with my bank account or body unbruised! I'm sure everything will have a red dot on it by now, but the exhibition continues until 18 September so there's still time to see it – perfect for a rainy day!

Late on Sunday afternoon we went for a walk form a nearby village to a stretch of our local Roman Road, the line of the hedge running left to right in front of the wood in the middle distance, marks the line of the road . . .

This is a favourite spot of ours looking out over the wide dish of land just east of Cambridge. The farmer has put a useful seat in the shade and along the field margin is wide stretch of mixed flowers has been sown, this year the colours are a lovely mix of lavender Phacelia, Fat Hen and Bistort.

Many of the fields have yet to be harvested, the ears hang heavy and rustle as you pass through. In one place there is a trial area of different wheat varieties – I love this one with the twisted spiky beards.

On the return route we spotted a Bloody-Nosed Beetle crossing the track – his body was shining in the evening sunshine.

In fact the fields and hedges were glowing with the warm evening light . . . the Dogwood in the hedge dotted with inky black berries is starting change to Autumnal shades.

But summer isn't quite over yet . . . it's been a scorching hot day here today but there's heavy rain approaching . . . I'm going to do some work in the garden.

Oh, almost forgot! If you hop over to Linocult you'll find a little chat I had with Dailey of Live From Brooklyn, about linocuts and other stuff.



  1. I'm so glad the opening went well and i'm sure you'll have many more sales yet! The prints look wonderful.
    When i saw the picture of the beetle, i thought it was a plastic one! What a great photo :)

  2. I came home with a couple of Bawden cards - that'll have to do for my collection! How wonderful that your prints have been finding homes!

  3. Always good to hear of successful sales but love it when you also show your local geography as it is so different to ours here in Wales. That beetle looks quite unreal but very beautiful and the photo of the ears of wheat has such gorgeous movement to it. A lovely post Celia. Thank you! Lesley

  4. Don't mention Autumn - I can feel that is just around the corner but want to eek the last remaining summer days out a little more.

  5. the ivy on the front porch support is still growing, but now it grows with an autumnal red to the leaves. first V of canada geese went by last week. autumn announces her arrival :)

  6. Late summer in New York sends a challenge out to its residents and visitors...can you take the heat and humidity.

    So far, this resident replies, I think I can.

    I love your view of late summer in your area. Your linoprint looks wonderful in that gallery's window. Hoping that the entire run sells out.

    Delighted to say that tonight the humidity is low, and it will be an easy sleeping night.

    Tomorrow? Well, we might all need to bring our umbrellas along. xo

  7. What a beautiful day, and beautiful photographs.

    Living life nice and slow is a good thing. We are in Norfolk on holiday and spent Sunday doing some gentle exploring and planning and yesterday playing on the beach at Great Yarmouth. Now watching the Yare flow past our garden we are planning a nice slow exploration of Norwich... bliss

  8. It sounds like it's going well with the sale of your prints, that's wonderful Celia! I think I would have been one of the people jostling to buy a piece at the Edward Bawden exhibition, especially some of his endpapers! Autumn does feel as though it's on its way doesn't it........... Vanessa xxxx

  9. That looks like such a lovely walk Celia, with the sown flowers and the wheat rustling. Very evocative.

    Good to see sales of your pieces are doing well. Will pop back and have a look at your Maze Festival link right now ...

    Its raining here today, no two days are ever the same!


  10. Good to meet you at the gallery on Friday, there was some lovely work. Must get to the Bawden selling show, but not to buy!! The Ravilious exhibition was wonderful.


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