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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Saxon Labyrinth – a linocut

My new linocut, Saxon Labyrinth, is hanging up to dry in my studio, it will soon be framed and ready to deliver to the Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden to be included in the A-Mazing Art exhibition, which is part of the Saffron Walden Maze Festival, 20th – 27th August 2011.

(click to enlarge image)

If you follow my facebook page, you will have seen little tasters of progress over the past few weeks; this linocut is as much about the making as the final result, so I've put together a video to explore the path through the labyrinth . . .

This work pulled together lots of themes I've been thinking about as I work:

– the layers of man-made history in the landscape around my studio

– the proximity of wildlife to habitation

– the symbolic woodland in fairy tales and woodland as a place of exile

– the stylised images of animals on Anglo-Saxon coins

– the shared culture of all the people living around the shores of the North Sea

If you live near Saffron Walden, I hope you can join the celebrations of Mazes around the town and pop into the Church Street Gallery to see the A-Mazing Art exhibition.
All the work will be for sale, including Saxon Labyrinth linocuts and cards.



  1. That's a great video Celia, full of all sorts of things I love too. A lovely piece of balance in a momentously gloomy kind of day. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful! I love your work. I will definitely be visiting Saffron Walden.

  3. I love labyrinths, I've only walked one once, but it was an amazing experience and I long to repeat it.

  4. It looks truly wonderful and I'd be there like a shot except we're abroad that week, phooeeeey. I love all the influences you have turned to for this piece.

  5. Love your new print Celia and also the video - good luck with the exhibition :-)
    What kind of paper have you printed onto - is it Japanese paper?

  6. What a complex print! It is lovely, you must be very pleased with it. The video was fun, the following the maze bit made me feel giddy!!Hope to get to Saffron Walden for the exhibition.

  7. Celia - I have been watching all this with interest on Facebook, you are amazing!

  8. I loved your film, seeing the layers build up, set to a backdrop of rain and woodland birdsong, wonderful! Beautiful print Celia, I hope the exhibition goes really well. No, I know it will go really really really well! Vanessa xxx

  9. I loved watching the lino cutting - can't help it, just have to say - a-MAZE-ing...sorry!

  10. I wish I was closer, I do love your work. I've had your red hares card on our mantlepiece since Valentine's Day, cannot take it down so I think it deserves a frame and a place on the wall.

    Thanks for your kind words about our hens, no eggs yet but they're settling in nicely.
    Have a smahing weekend.

  11. Celia, I think that the exhibit will be a great success. This amazing maze print is a beauty, and I really love the overlapping colors and the wonderful registration. Your choices of colors is also very, very fine.


  12. I keep popping back for another look. I am particularly drawn to the cat. You didn't mention Celtic - I feel there is some of that in the animals: that would be why I like it so much.

  13. Mazes and Labyrinths fascinate me, and I have done a lot of reading about their history and significance. I wish I lived nearer, as the exhibition would be of great interest to me.
    Love your new work, and how you have integrated the various strands. When I first saw it it reminded me of the bees and the dance paths they make when communicating. You can tell I am slightly preoccupied!

    Thanks for the reassurance re: hens too x

  14. Love your art! It's been years since ive been to saffr walden.

  15. What a hypnotic video! I found myself in a daze in the maze! Wonderful.

  16. Hey Celia, loved watching the video, the processes behind your art are always interesting.Must've taken a while to make this.........
    Just wondering do you find lino cutting hard on your hands/'wrists?

    Saffron Walden..... the name alone makes me want to visit, hope the exhibition goes well for you.

    Claire :}

  17. Just came accross your blog - loved everything we saw! Thank you for sharing your ideas behind the art work and for the video, that shows how much effort goes into creating your pieces. Wishing you inspiration and success for the future.

  18. I have been intrigued by this piece as I have followed along on Facebook. It came together very well, I wish I lived nearer then I could visit the exhibition.

  19. Beautiful piece. I really enjoyed the video, I always love to see printmakers at work.


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