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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Yay! Summer toes at last!

The sandal-wearing season has started and the only 'Grey Skies' to be seen is the colour of my toenails!


  1. I love painted toe nails, but can't get down to it these days!

  2. Good nail color for a henkeeper. I once made the mistake of going into the chicken run with bright red painted toenails. You can imagine how the chickens reacted!

  3. I'm off to buy sandals tomorrow. My toes stay painted all winter for yoga - Rouge Noir here!

  4. Ah - sandals again. Must dig mine out.

  5. VERY chic Celia. Love those sandals too - are those some from that shop in Cambridge?

  6. Great colour! And I really like your sandals too.
    I ALWAYS have my toes painted. If I ever leave it off, it's only overnight whilst I'm asleep.
    I really hate it if they aren't coloured. Goodness knows why...?

  7. The sun made an appearance this evening just in time for a glass of wine while enjoying the garden.

    Hazy sunshine earlier though in this part of Suffolk ...

    I need to buy some new sandals and paint my toenails!


  8. I find I'm in the tricky gap between boots and birkenstocks at the minute. Oh for an easy transitional shoe!


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