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Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter!

What with one thing and another and some very cold, wet and windy weather, there will be very little gardening or creativity going on this weekend.

But right at the end of today, there was a reminder of what a lovely English Easter can look like. Here are the daffs on the roadside bank opposite our front gate . . . now, that's more like it!

One little challenge I had to fit in today was finding enough flowers in the garden to make a flower arrangement for the village church. I'm determined to do my arrangement without buying flowers, I never fail but this Easter was a real challenge as there are very few white and yellow flowers and fresh green foliage to choose from. After scouting around the whole garden I came up with this . . . which I was quite chuffed with :-)

While in the church this evening, the sunlight suddenly streamed in through one of the beautiful newly re-leaded windows. The branches against the blue sky made a design of intricate complexity and beautiful colour, it took my breath away.

Wherever you spend the Easter weekend, I hope you
find little happy moments too!



  1. Happy Easter! It's great to see the daffs finally out in full bloom.

  2. Celia, what you saw and described about that sudden change of light from that leaded window ... well, isn't nature always providing us with unexpected beauty?

    Your arrangements of the the daffs and other flowers is a beauty.

    Happy Easter back to you. xo

  3. The light and the pattern in the window is beautiful. Happy Easter to you, let's hope we get some good weather!

  4. Oof Celia I adored your last post. I have never been brave enough to eat hairy bittercress - is it good then?

    The image of the church window was very beautiful - I like the light coming through at slightly different angles.

    As for the floral arrangement - gorgeous - the essence of Easter.

  5. It's lovely to find these little, unexpected moments of beauty, like the light through the leaded windows. One of the reasons I like churches is the glass. And I think you floral display is lovely, simplistic, seasonal and natural. Well done!

  6. Just a thimbleful....

    I have just finished doing the Pascal Candle in our church and also I was determined to use flowers from the garden!
    Happy Easter.

  7. I love Easter! Your flowers are the real essence of the season.
    I spent the last couple of days making bamboo and willow wigwams for the sweet peas. It's the neareast I'll get to creative!

  8. Gorgeous pictures!

    Happy Easter to you and yours too.

  9. What a lovely carpet the Daffodils have made, absolutely gorgeous.

    Love the photo looking through the church window. It's a wonderful time of year, hope you have some nice weather in which to enjoy the Easter break.

  10. A Happy Easter to you too Celia. Beautiful flower arrangement. I did enjoy the video of the girls picking the raisins - much more sophisticated than my bunch, I have to say! Enjoy your weekend. Jacqui x

  11. & a joyous easter to you & yours!

  12. Happy Easter! typical English bank holiday weather! though I managed to do some potting up!

  13. I hope your Easter was a happy one. The floral display is lovely and what an appropriate setting.

  14. love the name of your blog :o) and those daffodils are glorious!

  15. Your Easter arrangement for the church looks wonderful Celia and very resourceful of you! Those lovely unexpected moments are to be treasured do you think this one will re-surface in some of your art work maybe ...

    Hope you had a good Easter.

    Jeanne x

  16. That flower arrangement is very beautiful. Mine always look like I just stuck them in the vase, well perhaps I do. Only sweetpeas really work for me because you don't have to do anything really! also love the stained glass window.


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