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Sunday, 18 April 2010

From the earth came spears

It's no secret that I love asparagus, I've written before on PPPs about why this may be. So, you can imagine my excitement when I see this happening on my asparagus bed . . .

Oh yes! Forget the Party Leader debates and Icelandic volcanic ash closing most UK and European airports – this was the weekend I cut the first asparagus. Just a few modest sized spears, but enough to turn our lunchtime salad with poached eggs into a gourmet meal eaten outside in the sunshine, the sky a perfect blue with not a vapour trail or Stansted bound plane in sight.


  1. How wonderful! I had planted asparagus beds on my allotment and they would have been at perfect maturity last year - unfortunately I had to give it up when I moved so hopefully someone else is enjoying it now. My great auntie had a really old asparagus bed in her garden in Cottenham and I have her harvesting knife, much nicer than a modern one. Enjoy your spears!

  2. I like to eat it but have never grown it, how lovely!

  3. We left a just mature asparagus bed on our allotment when we moved here. I hope someone appreciates it. Asparagus is just gorgeous.

  4. Fabulous! I think I would be pretty excited too!

  5. Wednesday... Wednesday I will cut our first asparagus... Mmmmmmm...

    Yours looks very prolific! We only seem to get a few spears at a time, and each year I hope there will be more... How old is your asparagus bed?

  6. On Saturday I made cheese-and-asparagus quiche for tea.Not home-grown, but delicious nonetheless.

  7. Synchronicity! I have planted my asparagus bed up this year so am resisting the lure of the new shoots. I do love it though, one of my all time favourite things to eat. And yesterday I blogged about the deep, silent trailless blue of the sky!

  8. Just a thimbleful...

    That is surely very early isn't it? I only have three spears that are self seeded in the flower border - so I let them grow and be all frondy! Lucky old you !

  9. How wonderful to have asparagus growing in your own garden. I do love this vegetable, and think of its arrival in my market as a true sign of springtime.

    (I confess that I have never actually seen it grown, and so do not know how many years it might take to establish a full asparagus patch. Aren't we city folk ignorant? xo)

  10. My that looks handsome-I hope you had a superb lunch in the sunshine and peace and quiet.

  11. I love asparagus. My friend and I harvested our very first batch last year from her garden but unfortunately they have moved on now, so like Su's allotment, someone else will be reaping the benefit this year.


  12. Yum Yum! We have just planted our first asparagus plants in the hope we can enjoy eating it more often - so gorgeous tasting and the kiddies just love it!

  13. WOW, so jealous, of first little spear just peeked it's head above ground over the weekend. They're young plants so maybe just one or two spears this year....oh the waiting is agony!

  14. Crikey, that's early! What a wonderful lunch that sounded.

  15. I've got some problems with comments today...I just wanted to say...I love asparagus..and I would recommend them with risotto or with boiled eggs and a few drops of olive oil!!! I'm so jelous!

  16. OOOH! how exciting! I'm salivating at the thought!

  17. Celia, I've nominated "the Peas" in the Mouse and Trowel Awards.

  18. Beautiful! Really fresh asparagus is so sweet, I'm envious.

    It must be strange to not see any planes or vapor trails overhead.

  19. I have often envied those living in warmer climes for the ability to grow such things...bu we don't have many planes overhead so its wings and roundabouts really.
    It makes me happy to think you are all having a peaceful few days.
    Thank you for your comment on my handwriting post. Let me know if you do one I am finding them fascinating.

  20. Oh! I just came back to re read my comment and see I've written 'wings and roundabouts'. It was an accident..but how appropriate.

  21. Ohh I'm so envious!

    We are planting our first asparagus bed this year - when the crowns arrive.

    Following your suggestion, I've grown zinnas to edge the bed :)

  22. Thank you for all your comments, I'm so behind with replies...

    Hi Su, Veg Heaven and Cottage Garden - What a shame - maybe you should have agreed cutting rights with the new allotmenteer?

    Hi Lyn - Growing asparagus is a labour of love - and a big investment of space and time.

    Hi Gina - I get so excited about asparagus, and then there are strawberries and greengages to come too :-)

    Hi Nome - I think our bed must be nearly 10 years old by now.

    Hi Dinahmow - sounds yummy! and thank you :-)

    Hi Elizabethm - the planes are back and the cold weather too - funny old year!

    Hi Mavis - I don't think I'd be able to resist picking at least one or two.

    Hi Frances - It takes 3 years before you can cut any spears without weakening the plants.

    Hi Threadspider - bliss!!!

    Hi Scented Sweetpeas - Unless you have a huge asparagus bed the yield will be modest - must the flavour will be out of this world :-)

    Hi Carrie - that's what asparagus is all about - the waiting, the watching...

    Hi Toffeeapple - I think in this part of the world this is the usual time for the first cut.

    Hi Essedizeta - Asparagus risotto is one of my favourites too.

    Hi Matron - it's the best!

    Hi Michelle - a planeless sky a novelty -but we soon got bored of it didn't we!!!

    Hi Jackie - I'm not sure that it's warmer here? Maybe it's the dry climate that's the key? I didn'y manage a handwriting post - but what a fascinating idea.

    Hi CS - Here's to you new asparagus! The anticipation of the first crop is what gardening's all about :-) meanwhile enjoy the zinnias.



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