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Friday, 13 March 2009

We think she's forgotten something . . .

The ginger one: "Play attack! Play attack!"

The tabby one:
"You do and I'll bite your ears!"

The ginger one:
"Just a thought..." (thinks: boring girls!)

The tabby one: "Last one to the top of the wigwam is a fat ginger sissy!"

The ginger one: "Don't care! Why doesn't the boss come out to play with us in the garden?"

The tabby one: "She's too busy with stuff called 'deadlines', she hasn't even cleared up the mess the under-gardeners have made. She hasn't picked these old dry beans – I'll have to do it for her – and she's even forgotten it's that blog-thing's second anniversary tomorrow!"


  1. Ha! Excellent!

    And congratulations on 2 years tomorrow. Mine's coming up soon too ...

  2. such a tough kitty :)! congrats on two years!!! hope your deadlines behave themselves.......

  3. ROFL...love it:)
    Congrats on the anniversary *yay*

  4. happy birthday purple podded peas!
    gorgeous kitties xx

  5. someone has been inside too long - could be you, could be tabby! Happy blogversary and hope you get through your deadlines soon. x Jacqui

  6. Congratulations! If you have deadlines then you have work which is good news. Hope you find tome over the weekend for a bit of R and R.

    I think you are right about Napoleon and the bee, must investigate further!

  7. Whoo - two years and counting! I wonder what the next two will bring? Congratulations.

  8. Very cute video! Happy bloggy birthday!

  9. Deadlines are a pain when they clash with the arrival of spring! Suddenly time is too short - the garden needs work, and seeds need planting, and I really should have pricked out my tomato seedlings, and the grass is stating to grow, but we haven't fixed the broken lawnmower ....etc!
    Still, as Acornmoon says - at least it means you've got work, which is more than can be said for me this month!

  10. Thank you for the blog birthday wishes :-) I've never kept up a 'diary' for more than a month before!

    The studio assistants are spreading fibs, I have done a lot of work in the garden over the past week or so but something had to to give so I've cut down the blogging!

    As you can see, the tabby one wears the trousers!

    And Danielle - you're well ahead of me this year - I sowed the tomato seeds yesterday.

    Best wishes

  11. Happy 2nd blogiversary! How are you celebrating?

    Excellent chicken antics!

  12. Happy birthday, PPP!
    We loved the video (well, Sporran and Rusty did-Geiger was next door, having the last word in an argument!)and the tweety,clucky soundtrack.

  13. Happy anniversary!

  14. Belated b-day wishes to PPP! BTW, after much searching, this year I started in Dec., I FINALLY found purple podded peas to sow in my garden. But I only found the shelling variety. Have been unable to find a purple podded mangetout variety.


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