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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Knowing the voice

Each cutting blade has its own voice . . .

deep v-grooves; lines with tapering beginnings and endings;
small angular marks

a small curved scoop; long sweeping lines;
cleaning around the shapes; tidy; easy

a wide shallow gouge; curvy, satisfying;
shovelling away the spaces between

. . . conversations with my chisels.


  1. Amazing the way you can sort of think in reverse!

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures! I am finding them fascinating. My Dad was a printer and the whole process is fascinating to me...

  3. Oh wow, how amazing. How talented you are...oh love it...xxxx

  4. I wonder, do you have to sharpen the blades?

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who talks to my tools. Oops... maybe I shouldn't have let that out.

  6. After you recent plans were posted, I have been just itching to see the linocuts. From the last two posts it is amazing to see how you do them. You just seem to know how the lines you cut will print on the page its totally fascinating.

  7. Lovely. I've done a very little bit of carving recently, on a very small scale, and am finding it addictive.

  8. nice post. i can almost hear humming while you carve.

  9. This gets me so excited Celia - it makes me want to have a go. Again, it's just fabulous to see your creative process in action. Those look like cosy gloves too! Emma x

  10. Hello!
    I am new to your blog but so happy to have found you (after meandering through quite a few others!)
    I love your work - I admit to having dabbled myself and enjoyed it immensely but you are enormously talented!

    Will visit again soon, my sister lives in Suffolk so its nice to find another soul who dwells in such a lovely part of the world too!

    Love Julia xxxx

  11. Looks so lovely and complex. Can't wait to see a three-color print!

  12. Celia, you really are so talented. An expert at your skill. x

  13. Oh the satisfaction in that conversation....I know that feeling....so very nourishing. I love how you have written this...

  14. It's beautiful to watch, and hear, you work.

  15. after such a long hiatus, what a perfect post to come back to. I love this "the voice of your chisels -- the conversations with them. ... sigh :)

  16. Hi Veg Heaven - with a bit of planning you don't need to do clever thinking just cut out the bits that aren't black.

    Thank you Rose and Amber :-)

    Hi Acornmoon - I sometimes give them a little gind on an oilstone, but lino doesn't blunt them like wood.

    I won't tell anyone Justin!

    Hi Rhiannon - some people create athe design as they carve, I pre-plan everything, then I can have relaxing carving days.

    Hi Dottycookie - you're right carving is addictive, like knitting.

    Thank you Petoskystone (sorry to disappoint but I don't hum or sing when working)

    Hi Emma - LOL gloves!!!! no, it's the sleeve of my big chunky cardie!

    Hi Julia - welcome to PPPs. Hope to see you back soon :-)

    Thank you Femminismo and Louise

    Hi Leanne - carving is very soothing.

    Hi Spruce Hill - once you've got used to what the chisels can do, it is easy.

    Thank you Magic Onions and welcome to PPPs (love the name)

    and welcome back Diane.


  17. I just found your blog. I love it. I will be back for sure! This method of making your own prints is so interesting to me. Thank you for sharing your work in progress. Very nice!


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