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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

As featured on Gardenista

If you've found yourself here via Gardenista,welcome to Purple Podded Peas HQ!

photo ©Celia Hart

A couple of weeks ago Kendra Wilson visited my garden with photographer Jim Powell, they were putting together an article for the online garden and lifestyle magazine Gardenista, if you've popped over to my blog and haven't seen the article you can read it here.

From the photos you wouldn't guess that it was one of the hottest days this summer, with blistering heat of 30C+ and that my garden had been left untended for over three weeks while we were away traveling in Alaska and then storms had flattened the lush growth. 

Of course Cheep and the under-gardeners were the stars of the show and I was very proud that Cheep was on his best behaviour even though he was hot and a bit grumpy due to being in moult (luckily he still had his tail, which he now doesn't!).

Just a couple of errata: the twiggy bean wigwam is constructed from Ash branches not Rowan and I can't remember saying the neighbours bring slugs round for the hens! Maybe the heat had addled my brain, Cheep and his girls wouldn't eat them anyway . . . but the toads and frogs would.
** the copy editor has now corrected the article ** 

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And I hope you'll call in again soon.



  1. How nice to be featured Celia! Will check it out now :)

  2. Coming from an area who's history is short lived in comparison, I am so envious of your 1793 bricks. Your gardens are beautiful and your chickens are awesome! So glad I tuned into the article on Gardenista otherwise I wouldn't have found your blog.

  3. It's a lovely article and I'm very relieved Cheep was well behaved!

  4. Oh Celia, the article is grand...what gorgeous photographs and informative descriiptive text, too. (Well, except for the ash and slugs!)

    Doesn't Mr Cheep look marvelous in his closeup siesta portrait, and suitably majestic in his group shot.

    I would imagina that you will be having many new visitors clicking over to your terrific site from gardenista. Bravo to all involved. How amazing to have all this happen right after your return from Alaska.

    Wow! xo

  5. Your garden looks amazing, I have serious garden envy!

  6. I just discovered your delightful blog after googling block printing. I just want to say that your work is beautiful and I am so grateful to artists like you who are so generous in giving us all a peek into your creative lives. And I couldn't agree more that reading a blog is ever so much friendlier than Facebook! Thanks again!

  7. What a great article, your garden is lovely. Remember the white Hollyhock seeds you sent me? Some have flowered this year, looking gorgeous and a deep rose one as well. I am so happy so see them growing here again.

  8. Wow, congratulations on gardenista, I love that site! The photos are dreamy and gorgeous, you certainly wouldn't guess how sweltering it was! The chickens look lovely, I was hoping they'd feature :) Heading over to see the new shop now!


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