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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Oh my ears and whiskers!

"If we get up now we could go hare spotting"

We drove to our favourite 'hare spotting' location and started walking, it took a little while before we saw one . . .  two, three, four! (And five! - one just out of shot.)

You have to know what to look for, a hare at rest looks very like a clod of earth.

Until they move to graze on the winter wheat shoots . . . then you can seen the ears.

No boxing this morning, they seem settled in pairs. 

Ears pricked. Whiskers twitching. We've been spotted!

Showing us a clean pair of heels as they race to the far end of the field.

A lovely morning to be out in the fresh air . . . a bright blue sky and white Cherry-Plum blossom.

Golden Kingcups on the pond edges.

Bright lime-green leaves breaking on the Weeping Willows.

'Bread and cheese' – Hawthorn hedges greening.

The Badgers have been busy cleaning and extending their sett.

9 a.m. beginning to cloud over.

Time to head off home . . . yes this is a footpath, the farmer has recently rolled the field to sow Spring Barley and will re-instate the track when the crop starts to grow. We are heading straight across to a small marker post on the wood edge.

Back home before 10 a.m. and sitting on the sofa in the sunshine, with a cup of tea and slice and toasted and buttered Barmbrack that we bought yesterday as a treat.



  1. We have rabbits galore here, but no hares. Love seeing yours.

  2. Wow what a lovely thing to go and do xxx

  3. Sounds a perfect start to a Sunday morning :-)

  4. Just love hares. Saw three on an early morning dog walk recently. So did the dog!! And as he's a lurcher - well you can guess the reaction. One hare took him across two fields before said dog gave up. The hare did not even look as though he was trying! They're magical beasts.

  5. Oh Celia, I am so envious of the hares.... And the barmbrack!

  6. What a fab morning, just a delight :)

  7. All waiting to be transformed into one of your wonderful prints no doubt!

  8. Lovely to read this post about hares, creatures very close to my heart. Saw several on a recent 'hare walk' at Welney.

  9. Hares enjoying the warming sun :)

  10. ooh! fun! love your sense of adventure! and your toasted and buttered reward at the end sound good too!

  11. What a lovely way to start the day!

  12. Wonderful! I so love hares, I am glad you were blessed with a good spotting morning.

  13. What a perfect start to a glorious day!

  14. What a lovely sighting of the hares. It is a fantastic way of starting the day. I'm hoping to see some hares boxing this year, so I'm on the look out.

  15. It was such a beautiful spring day yesterday and what a lovely way to spend it!

  16. You lucky spud - fancy seeing that many at once and able to catch them on camera! I love the one of the two hares hot tailing it in the opposite direction - well done x Jane

  17. It is a little late to ask now, but, may I come and lodge with you next Spring, because it has been so long since I saw Hares - please?

    Lovely pictures, thank you. x

  18. What a lovely idea - I wish I had a favourite hare-spotting location! Might have to find one. X


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