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Monday, 10 February 2014

A song in my heart and a skip in my step

In early January I spotted a hare racing along a field edge which was at my eye-level as I drove along one of the sunken lanes which are common in Suffolk; the hare seemed to keep pace with my car and I could see clearly how she stretched out airborn for a second between bounds – a perfect image for a new linocut . . .

. . . you can follow the making of the second print, 'A song in my heart', here on the emc design blog, an idea that sprung from Sophie and Mike virtually bumping into me on Instagram at New Year.

'A skip in my step' and 'A song in my heart' add to my series of small prints perfect for Valentine's Day. Both prints are available unframed from my website; the framed prints have already found their way to Cambridge Contemporary Art, the Jessica Muir Gallery in Long Melford and the Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden.

Cards based on the new linocuts are available from my etsy shop. These cards cost £3 each, which includes postage to the UK* and a donation to a UK wildlife charity – 'A song in my heart' supports the RSPB and 'A skip in my step' supports the Hare Preservation Trust



  1. They are gorgeous - I've just bought them both as I couldn't choose between them :o)

  2. P.S I just re-read my comment and wish it could have been that I'd bought both prints when in reality I had just bought the cards for Mr Locket! Sorry x

  3. I couldn't resist the hare!

  4. how magic that your work supports the birds and the hares - both visually, and financially.

  5. Celia, our NYC winter continues to taunt our patience with snowstorms every two or three days.

    I've chosen to remind myself of the beauty to be found outdoors in the country by ordering two of your cards...one new design and one I have been admiring for a while.

    Best wishes. xo

  6. Gorgeous images Celia. I can feel the spring in the leap. I have just been looking at the felt picture of a Hare on MarmaladeRose blog. She is another clever woman.

  7. 'A skip in my step' is perfection, and a reminder of the field edge hares we see when in Suffolk ... I may have to have words with my children about a Mother's Day gift ;)


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