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Monday, 6 January 2014

100 Flowers : #002 Winter Honeysuckle

Thank you for the lovely comments after the first 100 Flowers blog post, I'll try to write a flower-post a couple of times a week through 2014.

Today, for Flower #002 I've chosen . . .

#002 : Lonicera fragrantissima

Winter Honeysuckle 

Winter Honeysuckle
isn't a climber, but a rather large shrub that looks a bit like a scruffy bird's nest. In summer it is covered with bright green pairs of leaves, the tiny flowers appear in winter before the new leaves open. Why is it worth a place in the garden? – the clue's in the name . . . 

'fragrantissima' means 'most fragrant'

Today is the Feast of Epiphany, so I've chosen a flower that brings fragrance from the East . . . this most beautifully scented Honeysuckle was brought to England from China by the plant hunter Robert Fortune in 1845.

The fragrance that drifts from these tiny white flowers reminds me of lemon-drizzle cake, it is my special gift on this blustery and muddy first Monday of January.


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  1. What a beautiful little flower....I 'm imagining the scent. :)

  2. Gosh yours is ahead of mine as I don't have any flowers yet. Mine always flowers around the 3rd Monday in January, I only know that as it was flowering when I first viewed the house. Love the scent and the delicacy of the flower :-)

  3. Stunning little flower - it's just such a pleasure to see any flowers in the garden at the moment. Spring seems a long way away...

  4. Oh Celia, we are only at no.2 and already I love these blogs so much. Your photos are lovely & crystal clear. Thanks for taking the time to share x

  5. This is wonderful - posts of winter flowers! I wish we had this sweet flower here in the US - I can almost smell it.
    My snowdrops are up and showing white tips, so that's a great pleasure.

  6. Celia, first that jasmine and now the fragrant winter honeysuckle...what treasures you've chosen to begin this fine idea of 100 flowers.

    The initial duo are so pretty, and obviously rather strong, too, to be able to show their faces in this chilly, and sun-deprived time of the year. This makes them true stars in my flower world.

    Of course, I hope that you are also doing some drawings of these little beauties. Their supporting greenery is also quite a temptation for the pencil, ink or paint.

    Happy New Year! xo

  7. A beautiful flower, and a beautiful post.

  8. How beautiful. Another one to add to the wish list. Hellebores are popping up here and some are nearly open. They must think it's Spring! Wish it was!