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Friday, 2 August 2013


Some of you may remember that last August I took part in the #ippdailydraw, you can see all my drawings here . . . mmm? 25, looks like I didn't manage to do one every day!

This year a similar challenge has been set by Jean Stevens, here are the rules (they are very simple) basically draw a picture and share it on Twitter with the hash tag #DrawingAugust.

There are over 125 participating artists, so at the end of the month there will probably be about 3000 drawings to be viewed here.

I had a busy day yesterday, so I ended up taking my sketchbook and a pen with me to a performance of Richard III in the garden of St John's College Cambridge. I had 15 minutes between eating my picnic supper and the performance beginning, to take out my pen, do a quick sketch then pack up and take my seat.

This is what I drew:

#DrawingAugust Day 1
You will be able to view all my drawings
for #DrawingAugust 2013 here.

Celia x


  1. Celia, I think I must have missed your participation in last August's drawing a day fest. It was fun to see your August 2012 drawing all lined up. I do like how you handle trees.

    And I'd also say that your pre performance 2013 drawing has got you off to a fine start this year. So far, I don't do twitter, but seeing that this sort of community gathering is possible has tempted me to sign on.

    Please tell me what pen/s are you using. (I'm always looking for a new catalyst to get me drawing again. Knowing all along that I am the author of my own slothfulness.


    1. Twitter is getting very negative publicity this week in the UK due to a few people using it to send threatening messages... the lest said the better.
      BUT as you said, Twitter is very good for 'community gatherings' - #DrawingAugust is like a drawing summer-school.
      As for pens... actually I'm happy with a stick dipped in mud ;-) but to be more helpful, I'd suggest trying different pens on different papers and finding one that pleases you - some art supply shops will let you try pens/paper in the shop. I like a slightly absorbent paper like a thick cartridge or watercolour paper and a pen that bleeds into the paper a bit - permanent markers of varying thickness are favourites. Or any old HB pencil.
      AND draw as if you are explaining what you see rather than making a perfect picture!

  2. I still haven't really worked my way around twitter otherwise I'd be tempted to join in. Love your pre performance drawing.

    1. I hope you pop over to look at everyone's drawings - they are really inspiring.

  3. I couldn't get on with twitter but there's no reason why one couldn't begin a personal daily drawing challenge. It's been about 25 years since I last did any drawing and just lately I've been thinking about beginning again. This could be the catalyst which sets me off again. Thank you for the inspiration Celia.

    1. There is no reason at all why you can't do your own personal drawing challenge. Save photos of your sketches and make a 'sampler' (I've just looked at your blog).

      I also guffawed out loud at the answers to your FAQs :-D)))
      C x


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