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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Laughter really is a good tonic

On Saturday we went to Wembley . . . no, not to the Cup Final . . . the Arena, to see the Eddie Izzard gig 'Force Mageure'.

We had a great time (I ached a bit from laughing at the bit about dressage being useful for reversing a horse into a cupboard) and it makes quite a change to be in a massive arena full of thousands of people.

After the show we walked the short distance back to the hotel, had a beer and fell asleep . . . So much better than driving all the way back to Suffolk. This morning we decided to find somewhere to explore before heading home, so we went to Hampstead and after a lovely breakfast we went to Fenton House . . . and it turned out to be a wonderful surprise! I think it may be my idea of a perfect garden, because there were all the things I like most . . .

 a lovely lean-to greenhouse, 
lots of seats and lovely secret corners 

beautiful but simple topiary

an orchard with wild flowers in the grass under the trees

a walled veg plot with perfectly trained fruit trees

and a very tame robin

Who would have thought you could be in such a beautiful tranquil garden, but still see the sky scrapers of central London from 4th floor balcony?!

The rooms in Fenton House are full of the most delightful treasures . . . 18th century ceramics, embroideries of the most amazing detail and some lovely paintings. Everything was so charmingly displayed; I think I could happily spend a whole day in each room looking at all the things in detail.

I came away with my relaxed mind buzzing with ideas!



  1. I love Eddie Izzard - if you read his words they probably would come across as making very little sense but his delivery is fab! Great to have a good belly laugh now and then x Jane

  2. Me too. He recently came to work to speak to students during the mayor elections and he was an impressive speaker and very witty. Fenton house looks good thanks for tip

  3. You had a marvellous time! that man is so funny, no wonder you ached.

    I'd love to see Fenton House.

  4. Yes, London does have its surprises! Make a trip to Syon Park when you can, and I might join you there! xx

  5. The combination of Eddie Izzard and Fenton House is a bit special! I wish I had been to both.

  6. Thanks for the reminder about Fenton House - it's (almost) within walking distance for me, and as soon as the weather warms up I'll go there. Or maybe even sooner!


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