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Thursday, 28 March 2013

How to make an Easter Garden

I'll quickly mention the weather and then move on. Spring? well, it nearly happened for an afternoon at the end of February, but since then we've been plunged back into the grips of winter – the coldest March for 50 years. As the winds bringing the Arctic chill are nor-easterlies, that mean that here in East Anglia we're on the front line and although we haven't had as much snow fall, it is the bone numbing wind-chill that has prevented any progress in the vegetable and cut flower gardens.

It's unbelievable, but this weekend is Easter. And it was while I was longing to spend time enjoying spring flowers, that I remembered my favourite thing about Easter when I was very young . . . no, it wasn't the chocolate eggs or egg hunts or the Easter bunny . . . what I loved doing was helping my Gran constuct an Easter Garden in the village church.

Then I thought, why not make a mini version!
Here's how –

You will need: a tray, small rocks and some pebbles, some small low containers (jars and lids would do); sand or grit.

 Put the pebbles in the containers and fill them with water; arrange them and the rocks on your tray.

Collect some moss . . .

. . . and arrange it among the containers and rocks; make a path with the sand or grit, winding through the garden.

Now you need some twigs to make trees . . .

. . . find some with the leaves and blossom about to open and they will bloom for Easter.

Add some leaves, pushing the stalks among the pebbles in the containers, so they stay in place.

And now, add the flowers  – as I was doing this I remembered that the best thing about helping Gran make the Easter Garden, was visiting Aunt May's garden and being allowed to pick any of the beautiful Spring flowers that grew under the trees around her little wooden bungalow.

My Gran's Easter Garden was used to tell the Easter story and was complete with a rocky tomb and some lovely figures of the disciples, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, and (my favourite) a beautiful serene angel to sit inside the empty tomb on Easter Sunday morning. But, it would look beautiful with little foil covered eggs hiding among the flowers and an Easter Bunny.
A little gardening fix, while we wait for Spring to arrive . . .

Happy Easter! 



  1. Beautiful, a touch of spring and such lovely memories.

  2. Absolutely the perfect fix! I used to make a similar thing but as a farm using my little plastic farm animals - the best bit was the pond with teeny tiny ducks on x Jane

  3. Happy, happy Easter Celia. Spring cannot be far away if Easter is here.

  4. I remember making similar gardens as a child too! Spring has got to be just around the corner soon, I'm fed up with this biting wind now!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend x

  5. Celia, thank you for sharing this childhood memory with us, and also showing us how to make the miniature Easter garden...think you've inspired some 2013 versions.

    A very Happy Easter to you and yours. xo

  6. Well done what a nice bright spring like garden

  7. We make those with the children at Messy Church some years! So pretty. So cheering. I shall not speak too loudly in case it hears me, but the sun is out this morning and I am very hopeful it might stay for a while.

  8. oh i've never seen anything like it - what fun! I love it.
    you have such a history of arty blood running through your veins xxx

  9. That is beautiful Celia, such a lovely project to share with children. Happy Easter to you.

  10. Happy Easter, Celia!

    Love your Easter Garden - it's very cheerful. Also liked your Gran's Easter Garden's purpose - to let everyone know what this celebration is about.

  11. I wish I had something similar but there are no flowers available here.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  12. lovely celia....and thanks for the tip re the ark will visit next time john lewis beckons!

  13. Oh this is such a sweet idea, I remember seeing things like this when I was little but never making one. I like the idea of hiding little eggs in it!

  14. That is so lovely Celia. Happy Easter to you both by return.

  15. Simply beautiful! Happy Easter!

  16. We used to make these, although not specifically for Easter. I used to love making a pond with a piece of mirror I remember. Yours is fabulous and makes me feel like making another right now!


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