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Thursday, 7 February 2013

It starts with a seed

Seed potatoes
are chitting in my studio's porch . . . Foremost, Arran Pilot, Charlotte and British Queen.

Saved seeds
of Crimson Flowered Broad Beans have been planted in pots in the greenhouse.

tiny seedlings around one of my Auricula plants.

Sprouting seeds
the Sweetpea seeds are starting to grow.

The Seed of Inspiration 
this was a surprise gift for being the 100th person to follow ceramic artist Karen Banks on Twitter. By complete coincidence that very same day, I'd seen Karen's beautiful framed collections of ceramic hearts being unpacked when I delivered my work to The Church Street Gallery in Saffron Walden; and when I drove past today, our work was side by side in the window display!

I've planted The Seed of Inspiration
in a pot in my studio.



  1. Full speed ahead at your place then! Love the seed of inspiration, you lucky thing. Mind you, I have whisking brush envy now, where did you get that one?

  2. My thoughts are starting to turn towards seeds and the garden.....but it's just too cold, I'm a wimp really! :) x

  3. Spring must be on its way! ...and what a lovely surprise to receive a seed of inspiration too.

  4. You have just reminded me to get my seed potatoes....thank you! Y,ou are way ahead of me but it still feels way too cold to think of seeds yet! Xxx

  5. Fabulous to see signs of life getting prepared. We've given up on main crop spuds here, too wet and too much wire worm in the past. We grow salad potatoes but we're way behind with everything this year. Thanks for the reminder to pull our fingers out Celia! Good luck with all your crops and seedlings.

  6. Celia, it's grand to see your early gardening preparations. We are now on snowstorm vigil here in New York, and any spring dreams are taking the weekend off.

    I love the potato names!


  7. I love the sense of anticipation and hope that sowing seeds brings. Can't beat new signs of life and the expectation of the crop can you!

  8. What a nice gift!

    I've been feeling a bit down about not having done anything on our plot for a bit, but we bought our first earlies yesterday which felt good. We had good crops from our Arran Pilot last year, hope they do as well for you!

  9. You are well ahead of me here! We have our seed potatoes but at the moment they are just sitting at the end of the table in the kitchen with all the other things that don't really belong there. I love your snug further below too. The patchwork looks fab on the sofa!

  10. Lovely blog, this post is almost an exact reflection of what's going on in my greenhouse now.


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