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Wednesday 1 August 2012

#ippdailydraw : DAY 1

Gabriella has thrown down the gauntlet – to do a drawing every day during August and post it on twitter/blog/facebook for everyone to see. You can read more about it on her blog, here.

Here are the rules :
"Draw something – anything – from life… an observational drawing, whether your style is realistic, fluid, abstract; and then post it  somewhere on social media either on your blog, facebook page, instagram, where ever you usually post things! I’ll be posting mine here daily but will also set up a hache tag column on twitter so that we …assuming anyone joins in .. can all see what we’re up to."

I've decided to link this with my 'Drawing Trees in Summer' project – I've been enjoying doing watercolour studies of trees, so this challenge to do line drawings will be interesting and useful for my plan to eventually do woodcuts based on my sketches from life.

Here is my drawing for day 1: Corsican Pine in our garden.

You can follow all the sketches on Twitter by using the hashtag #ippdailydraw; I'll post all my sketches on Flickr, here.

If you'd like to join in, pop over to tell Gabs where you'll be posting your sketches, if you use Twitter the tweet your sketch with the hashtag #ippdailydraw.

 It will be an interesting challenge, thank you Gabs for getting me drawing (hopefully) every day!

•• There's now an ippdailydraw Flickr Group Pool,
thank you Gabs! ••



  1. How lovely, and what a good idea. I'll look forward to seeing more of them :-)

  2. I shall be following with interest!!

    1. I hope you you've looked at the Flickr pool for lots if the sketches - such a wonderful variety of atyles!

  3. Seeing your yew reminded me...did you ever have your longbow made?
    And, yes, I do read, but am pushed for time so can't always comment! :-(

  4. I did! And a year later I got some arrows made by the same friend. I haven't tried shooting anything yet ;-) must blog about it some time.


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