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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Re-naming and re-cycling

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day, the turning of the year – although we probably still have the coldest and harshest of winter days to come in January and February, this ancient Winter festival marks the points when we start walking towards the Springtime – renewal and regrowth.

Our young Araucana hen (she's just 5 months old) celebrated the Winter Solstice with her first egg! 

Wasn't that a wonderful surprise . . . a perfect, little teal blue egg, laid carefully in one of the nest boxes in the hen-house.


And then I realised we'd put off giving "Araucana-girl" a grown-up hen's name, so yesterday I asked for some suggestions from my Twitter and Facebook followers . . . there's still time to join in – you can Tweet your suggestion to me @celiahart or leave a comment on my facebook page. You have until midnight today (22nd December 2011 GMT) to join in and we'll select a new name for our pretty Lavender Araucana pullet, over the Christmas weekend.

I've also put some decorations on a twiggy tree – some of my Winter Thrushes tree decorations and these gorgeous paper balls :-) 

I'm so pleased with them! I discovered the tutorial of how to make them via Printed Material, and it was just what I was looking for to use these – Gudrun Sjoden catalogues, I hoard them because the paper is matt yet lovely and crisp and the colours are gorgeous (the clothes are lovely too . . . practical yet quirky and perfect for wearing in the studio or in the garden).

The paper balls are surprisingly simple to make, once you get the knack; and like knitting or patchwork or crocheting grannie squares, they are very addictive!

Wishing you well on the Winter Solstice!



  1. I just love those paper balls, they look stunning! If I get time amongst the hundred other things I want to get done before Xmas I'll try making some myself.

    How exciting to get your first egg, from your young hen.

  2. Lovely paper balls! Will bookmark this tutorial for next season. Congrats on the lovely little egg. Your little girl looks a bit put out by being held ;)

  3. Celia,
    What a great take on those paper balls. I think I have a Toast catalogue somewhere.... but yours look much more festive!

  4. I too hoard the Gudrun catalogue (and have even been taught how to say her surname, which involves phlegm) for collage. Love her tights.
    And Dorcas has been laying for about 10 days now, so Team Blue Egg are obviously a giant collective intelligence!

  5. Solstice Greetings to you! What a wonderful way to celebrate the turning of the year with a fresh new egg :)

    I *love* those paper balls, thanks so much for posting the link.

  6. What a lovely colour for an egg, don't see those in the supermarket! I made your soda bread at the weekend, the family were very impressed, so thank you ( I've put photos on my blog, and a link to you)'Have a lovely Christmas.

  7. Solstice greetings to you too! What a pretty little bird and what a marvellous colour of egg!

    I shall have to fiddle with paper soon, I can see; those paper baubles are super.

  8. How exciting Celia and the colour is lovely. I like the balls, I made the tree from the same tutorial using a colourful John Lewis catalogue, it looks good. Have a lovely Christmas.

  9. Celia, I am way too late reading your delightful post to offer a name for that newest egg layer round your place. Not too late, though, to send her a bravo! That egg is beautiful.

    And might I also thank you for the link to instructions on how to make those paper ornaments. I will make note of it, and might actually find time on Christmas afternoon to try my hand, recycling all those beautiful catalogs that have recently arrived in my mail box.

    Many thanks, xo

  10. I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who hoards Gudrun Sjoden catalogues, they're just so darn pretty, and I've been wearing her clothes for years.

    Beautiful chook :D

  11. the paper balls are lovely but the beautiful blue egg is almost the perfect christmas present. happy holidays to all.

  12. I know what I'll be doing with the Christmas cards this years...
    Thank you!


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