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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Putting it on the map

I always enjoy drawing maps (and remember how disappointed my geography teacher was when she realised I'd thrown away my application to do a geography degree because I'd already got a place at an art college), so my most recent illustration commission was a pleasure to work on; and after a few weeks mainly free of complex digital artwork jobs, it seems that my printmaking has influenced how they turned out.

Like printmaking, digital illustrations are all about layers – so the mental leap isn't a large one; this time I applied some recent experiments with inks and overprinting to my digital work, building up layers of texture and colour.

Details of maps commissioned by eMC Design for Macmillan Education
produced using Illustrator and Photoshop CS4

I can't show you the completed maps or their context, as the book they are for won't be published for some time; but these small details give an idea of what I've been doing. It was a good opportunity to take my digital artwork down a new route and I was really happy with the results.



  1. I love maps too, and these look wonderful!

  2. eMC in the lovely barn at the end of my village? What a coincidence!

  3. Wonderful! the map on the bottom left reminds me of the beginning credits for Dad's Army!

  4. Celia, you have got me very curious about this mapping project. With your sense of style, and knowlege, I know that it will turn out brilliantly.

    Meanwhile, please pass along my best wishes to those chicks and their foster hen.


  5. Hi Penny - more maps this morning... I'm doing a 7 mile walk with some of my neighbours :-)

    Hi Chrissie - :-) yes I know! Give them a wave when you go past.

    Hi Matron - I love that map - do you think it influenced me a little bit? Maybe?

    Hi Frances - One of many projects I've supplied digital artwork for (not all maps - in fact mostly not maps). I just get to see the pages they need me to work on, and only have a few days to come up with the goods!

    The chicks are coming on great - one week old and learning to do chicken things! http://youtu.be/mrWLc5CDGTk


  6. They look just like prints! It's amazing what you can do on the computer. I'm very limited in my abilities on the computer, but you are obviously a whizz! They look like wonderful seventies prints! Vanessa xxx

  7. i adore looking at maps, especially the ones with topographic features added :) one chick acts especailly brazen....wandering off to hunt in the grass without mama!

  8. Hi Celia,

    Thanks for link to our site. The maps are looking lovely and client is very pleased with them!


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