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Friday, 8 April 2011

An artie tweet-up at the castle

What's the point of Twitter then? If you haven't tweeted it's a bit hard to explain – but from little tweets big things sometimes happen . . .

I can't quite remember exactly what sparked off a little twitter exchange between fellow Suffolk & Norfolk artists a few weeks back; but the out come was that we fixed a date to meet up to see an exhibition at Norwich Castle . . . today was the day!

It was a glorious sunny morning and the roads were problem free, I sailed along in my new motor listening to Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 – did you hear it? Martin Sheen – surprisingly interesting and moving, one of the pieces of music selected was 'Spring' from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which was absolutely the perfect sound-track for driving through Breckland in the sunshine.

I arrived with plenty of time for a little wander around before our rendez-vous; oh look! I'm definitely in the right place - there's a big banner advertising the exhibition . . .

But back to the shopping . . . here's the lovely Royal Arcade

look at the display in Digby's window! Yes I did go in . . . maybe at Easter I'll show you what I bought!

I also couldn't walk past a little clothes shop called 'Purple', I came out with this pretty cotton skirt . . .

So! that usefully filled up the time until just before the rendez-vous hour of 11am :-) I made my way up to the Castle's Norman keep – which was looking pretty damn splendid in the sunshine.

Standing at the end of the bridge across the to the base of the towering castle were fellow creative tweeters @ @ and @. We'd come to see Restless Times - Art in Britain 1914-1945 (an exhibition curated by The Tate and previously shown in Sheffield); but first we needed coffee/tea and a good natter! Then we got down to some serious art viewing - the exhibition was full of inspiring work. Mandy's favourites were the domestic interiors, full of well-observed details of life in inter-war Britain. Rachel loved the archive films of industrial northern towns and Sarah and I enjoyed looking really closely at the Eric Ravilious watercolours. I think we all liked pretty much everything - in fact we were nattering away so much about all the exhibits that the exhibition attendant came to join in! He also gave us information about The Great British Art Debate because he thought we'd have a lot to say!

Well, we eventually decided we'd 'done' the exhibition, but before we left the castle Rachel recommended a visit to the Ladies . . . it's a bit special!

Outside in the sunshine I revealed one of my puchases - a box of goodies from @ . . . Macarons made by none other than our fellow East Anglian tweeter and magical-masterchef-macaron-man himself @ - we agreed the man's a genius!

So that was our first real life tweet-up! and it was a great success; but before I headed home I walked up the hill to Upper St Giles with my 'Easter hen' and 'Love in the air' prints and cards for 'Verandah', the little gallery/shop that sells my work in Norwich. Then it really was time to head back south to Suffolk . . . a long a tedious traffic jam of a journey.

It was a relief to finally get to the quiet lanes of the final stretch to home . . . and there were two macarons left in the box* :-)


* there aren't now!


  1. It sounds like total and utter bliss.

    I have never eaten a macaron. Surely I need to remedy this.

  2. what a great idea and it looked like you all had fun!

  3. In Zurich they were called lumexburgerli. Used to love eating them. Came with a careful label, keep cool.

  4. I love everything about this post, especially the blue blue sky above the castle. It's time I visited Norwich

    Happy days


  5. I love the power of twitter - looks like you had a glorious day. I need to try a macaroon now.

  6. how splendid to have a drive quiet enough to eat macaroons. lovely display at digbys.

  7. Sounds like the most fun-filled, satisfying day. The road home looks beautiful. (love those funky sinks too)


  8. Oh, how lovely. We were up just beyond Norwich today too, but our visit wasn't nearly so culture filled :-)

  9. What a fabulous day out and with macaroons too! What could be finer? Great post Celia. Makes me want to go to Norwich.

  10. how lovely to read an account of our day . It really was good fun, educational,extremely motivating and an absolute joy !!!! Odd experience to meet people in the flesh who you feel you already know really well...but so glad I did! Look forward to the next !

  11. What a delightful day out.

  12. What a joyous day out. Sounds wonderful. Wish I lived closer to see that exhibition! Thanks for a sneak peek. Lesley

  13. This sounds absolutely wonderful, I really enjoyed reading all about your day out. I'm going to have to get myself down to Norfolk for a holiday sometime, I think :)

  14. You make Norwich sound positively continental - esp the macaroons. As soon as my current stress is over I must get down there. Thank you for your kind words and the idea of the calming power of crochet.

  15. Just seen Norwich in a whole new light, it's funny how you have to read someone else's take on it sometimes to look at your own stomping ground afresh. Sounds like a great day. If you fancy doing something similar later in the year and would like to meet up with me and Kit do let me know. We might even be able to introduce Kit to social networking. Twitter for the Terrified? Penny x

  16. I have to confess to never having quite got the point of tweeting but now I can see the plus points!

    We are coming to Norfolk (Reedham) for our summer holidays - what are our must sees? I need to go back through your blog and take notes! I've not been since I was a child and the payback for endless trips to art galleries (my father was seriously into the Norwich School) was Orford Castle and Great Yarmouth!


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