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Sunday, 20 March 2011

On the road again . . .

A lot has happened in the past week and a bit . . . earthquakes, tsunamis, radiation leaks, revolutions and goodness knows what else!

But not a lot has been going on in my studio because Cliff and I snuck away to chill out somewhere slightly warmer than Suffolk in mid-March . . .

. . . er well, we thought was going to be warmer!

We should have known that choosing the north coast of Tenerife was a dodgy choice for this time of year – anyhow, between the rain showers (and hail storms) we ventured out to see some wonderful views . . .

and some lovely wild flowers . . .

We strolled up and down some very very steep streets – blimey! I'm so pleased I don't have to do hill-starts like that every day :-O and admired the balconies.

The scenery was big – VERY BIG – with teeny tiny flowing plants; giant cacti; vertiginous (our book of walks used that word so often, it became our word-of-the-week) slopes; and vast volcanic rock outcrops.

On the very last day the sun came out while we were on the far north-west tip of the island – and the Atlantic waves put on a crashing, splashing show!

The rainy days were OK too (but a bit rubbish for taking photos); we found some very good restaurants and ate fish every day.

And wooo-hooo! there was a carnival . . . loads of colour and drums and Latin rhythms; marching bands and amazing costumes and floats; vehicles of all descriptions and crowds of people wearing all sorts of wacky disguises!

After four hours of wild and rumba-ing procession you can imagine the streets were a right mess – nope! the tail of the parade dealt with all that :-) A formation of road-sweepers, complete with leaf-blower wielding municipal street cleaners, salsa'd away every last bit of confetti!

So on Friday night we got back home and I had all sorts of plans to hit the ground running – then fate slammed on the breaks during the night by laying me out with a tummy bug/virus/whatever I don't know the cause – but I spent yesterday wrapped in a duvet, shivering on the sofa. Thankfully I felt much perkier this morning, in fact I was well enough to potter around in the veg patch and get the show on the road – it's good to be back :-)



  1. Oh, so sorry to hear you've been ill - but so much better to be sick in your own home than on holiday!

    I have very fond memories of Tenerife - there used to be a lovely bakery halfway down the steep winding road to Los Gigantes, and we found a little beach that involved parking in a banana plantation and hiking down to it. I was a lot younger then :-)

  2. That morning glory coloured flower is
    Paterson's Curse . But not on Tenerife, where it is a true Mediterranean wild flower flourishing at home.

  3. How nice to escape the cold for a little while and that fish looks absolutely delish.
    What a shame to be feeling ill when you got home, glad it didn't linger.
    The carnival looks like it was a lot of fun adn I love the description of street sweepers salsaing away all the rubbish.
    Hope you have been able to get back into the swing of things, always hard after a break.
    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :)

  4. I had to look up where Tenerife is! Not a place that we learn in geography here in the States. The food looks wonderful, views lovely, and I love going somewhere that is totally different than home (even if it's not as warm as anticipated.) Glad you're feeling better!

  5. Well, it looked like you had a nice time even if the weather didn't cooperate! That fish looks delicious!

  6. Oh Celia, your holiday photos and reporting truly make me think how I'd like to see Teriffe someday.

    Sorry that you've got a bug once you've got home. Knowing that you are not feeling well, and still managed to get this wonderful post done, shows me doubly what a star you are.

    Feel better soon. After all, it's now officially springtime. xo

  7. Thought you might have gone away... sounds like a lovely time despite the weather but sorry to hear you've been poorly since your return. Glad you're feeling better!

  8. Was it the Shrove Tuesday carnival - or was that too long ago? Sounds like a wonderful break.

  9. Thanks for sharing ! Lovely pictures too

  10. What a trip. I'm so excited to see that completely different set of plants. I think I would have spent most of my time up those vertiginous slopes (oh and scoffing the delicious fish of course).

    SO sorry about your virus - no fun at all. I hope you're all mended now x

  11. Hi Dottycookie - the bakery and beach memory sounds very romantic ;-)

    Hi Elephnat's Eye - read your piece about Paterson's Curse, how interesting. Just goes to show that a noxious weed is just a nice plant in the wrong place and the perils of plants in the wrong place!

    Hi Claire - the carnival was great, people had put so much effort into their costumes and routines!

    Hi Terry - Tenerife is known to everyone here as a massive tourist resort! It was a surprise to me to find these stunning wild mountains!

    Hi OBCS - yes lots of very good fish and shellfish!

    Hi Frances - I have been selective with my photos so I'd put lots of other places higher up on the must see list!

    Thanks Gina - I think I'm on the mend, but will be taking it easy for a few days yet.

    Hi Veg Heaven - we weren't there for Shrove Tuesday but this was the finale of the carnival week. I suppose they time the big parade for the Saturday following Mardi Gras. There were other towns with big parades the previous Saturday.

    Hi Catherine - thank you. I didn't take many photos as the weather wasn't good most days, so I'm please that some turned out OK.


  12. Hi Silverpebble - you sneaked in while I was typing!

    Not quite mended yet - still feeling a bit rubbish actually :-(

    We were very lucky to see these flowers in the sunshine. Vertiginous slopes are fine and dandy when it's dry, sunny and calm - but very quickly squalls can be seen scudding over the ocean and then the wind gets up and the clouds come in and hail and rain thuds down!!!! Woooo-ey I'm such a fen girl! Big mountains are so scary!!!


  13. Your photos are such a wonderful pick me up on a Monday morning. Sorry to hear you were struck down on your return and hope you're feeling better today.

  14. Looked like a lovely break. I'm sure your batteries are well recharged. Sorry to hear about the duvet day though.x

  15. lovely scenery (when the sky is blue ;). apparently, your body wasn't so thrilled at having to leave it! glad you're feeling better.

  16. oh wow - so jealous (though not of the tummy bug, poor darling). Tenerife looks gorgeous - I always think of the horrible night clubs and drunkness but this is so me. Thanks for the photos :)

  17. Fish every day is my idea of a great holiday. There was even snow on the high hills on Madeira last week! very unusual - must have been the same weather front as yours?

  18. Looks like you certainly had a nice time, the scenery looks stunning, and that fish looked delicious, I'm on a diet, it's making me hungry....

  19. Playa San Juan 12 mounts season .Nice weather every day specially Jan - March.In north of Tenerife weather always like in England on Christmas time,cold windy and rainy .South coast specially South West very nice in Jan - to March.Best for "summer holiday in winter":D


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