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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Peck! . . . you've been tagged

Phoebe used to be bottom of the pecking order among the under-gardeners, she is now revelling in the fact that there are three young, naive pullets for her to put into line – and she can peck all three of them! She supervises meal times like a strict governess and makes sure 'The Spices' don't eat until the second sitting. She chaperones their walks around the garden and watches them with her beady eye. Sometimes she becomes 'missile-hen' and in a blur of beak and feathers homes in on one of 'The Spices' to give her a sharp peck. Things are calming down a little each day, but who can blame Phoebe, she's had life-time of being bullied and knowing her place. She has endured Bumblefoot and had the misfortune to have a thin-shelled egg break inside her (something she was lucky to survive).
Then she moulted – two months ago she looked like this . . .

. . . now she's a girl with a brand new frock and a new job, you go girl!

Peck! – you're it!

I've been tagged by not one but two bloggers! Thank you Nan (and furry friends) and Karen. And not only that, Brenda has presented me with an award – Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008. Thank you! I accept the award, it's a huge thrill that PPPs inspires you!

Now I'm supposed to list 7 random things about me in no particular order:
1) I like mushy peas
2) I like to walk across the fields humming The Lark Ascending to myself
3) I think Jools Holland is a national treasure
4) I can happily listen to Test Match Special on my little personal radio while I'm gardening without knowing the score
5) I love the smell of Angelica
6) I love Autumn – my favourite hedgerow colours are Field Maple leaves and Spindle berries
7) I listen to The Archers

I tag and award anyone who is listed on my 'blogs I love to read list'

I'm supposed to post the rules and let you all know and stuff, but I'm doing some illustration corrections this morning and then printing the designs for new Christmas cards – so if you find you've been pecked, I mean tagged, then play along if you fancy – no obligation.



  1. ouch! sharp beak!

    I love Jools Holland too, and was very fortunate last summer, when a girl friend who owns Oakley Park near Basingstoke , gave me tickets to go see him and Lulu play a concert there. It was fantastic fun.

  2. Pecking orders can be harsh can't they? At last Phoebe is feeling The Force! Who'll emerge bottom of the pile now?

  3. Hi Zoe - Jools Holland concerts are fun aren't they! I must go to another in 2009.

    Hi Veg Heaven - it's looking as if little Saffy (Saffron) is bottom of the pile. Ginger is the most confident of the new pullets and Nutmeg is a close second - just now I spotted her doing a dummy run towards Phoebe's backside and then veering off at the last minute! ... one day!


  4. I love mushy peas and Jools also, eating fish, chips and mushy peas when watching Jools, now that is fun!

  5. Hi Celia,
    Funny you should mention you love the smell of Angelica...my husband just moved a huge patch of it from the vegetable garden. It had grown 7 feet tall and was shading the vegetables!

    best wishes,

  6. Hi Acornmoon - now that does sound good. Perhaps the concert could be on the front at Aldeborough!

    Hi Nan - I like tall plants :)



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