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Thursday, 13 September 2007

What's wrong with the other nest?

The under-gardeners are hens of habit, every morning they each lay an egg – in the same nest. For a reason known only to the hens, the other nest just isn't up to scratch. Surely it would be far better to relax in a nest of ones own, apparently not, nest-sharing is the preferred option.

By lunchtime the under-gardeners are happily rearranging the plants and merging the borders with the lawn edge, so I know egg laying has been cracked for the day. Time to collect the eggs under close supervision from Dawn; four beautiful, individual, perfect, freshly laid, free range eggs.


  1. I will never *ever* tire of collecting eggs from the nestbox each day - it's like hunting for gold! I'm a bit sad like that, I also love digging for potatoes....

  2. All the hens we've ever kept do / did that ... perverse creatures of habit, bless them


  3. That's hilarious!

    I'd love some chooks.

  4. I wholeheartedly concur with Lucy's comments. Gardening is like digging for buried treasure. Perhaps your hens like the warmth and friendship.

  5. I love the hen story! What did you do with the eggs?

  6. What a cute little chicken coop. Is it on wheels? I would love to have one just like it for after we get moved out to our acreage come next spring. I grew up with chickens and even had my own chickens when I first got married. How I loved collecting the eggs and feeling their warmth in my hands. Alas, I have not had chickens since we moved from our hometown to the city we live in now about 9 years ago.
    Love your blog and will be back. Cove visit me when you got the time. Take care!

  7. Lucy - it's good to enjoy simple pleasures.

    Joanna - maybe they are collectively putting together a clutch of eggs for one of them to hatch?

    Thanks for dropping by Lucy - we get so much pleasure from the day to day routine of the under-gardeners.

    Matron - they do look happy when they settle down together in the nest.

    Holler - fresh eggs are so delicious, the other day I discovered how easy it is to make custard!

    Meg - the under-gardeners accommodation is a luxury appartment!

    Hi Salina - thank you for visiting. Yes the hut is on wheels so we can move it around the garden - it's well worth getting the best hen house you can, you won't regret it. I love the photos of bears on your nature blog.

  8. There must be a draught in one nest!

  9. Your hen house is to die for, Celia. It's as clean as a whistle as well.

    Our hens stick to the same nest too, when they are laying.

  10. my guinea fowl hens share a nest too. I like your hen house.
    Sara from farmingfriends

  11. GBVC - I'll have to check that out.

    Hi CS and Sara - as you might have guessed this hut wasn't a cheap option but it's so sturdy and easy to keep clean so I haven't regretted the investment. Best not to keep a tab on the unit cost of each egg!!

  12. The hens look most happy with this arrangement. Having fresh eggs is such a treat, that I'd say you can't put a price on them!

    I like the way Dawn keeps you under scrutiny while removing the eggs.

  13. That must be amazing to have your own chickens to lay eggs. It would make me savor each egg.

  14. Kate - Dawn is a very confident and friendly hen - she happily perches on my hand, falconry style.

    Nora b - fresh eggs from hens that have eaten only the best grain and chemical-free grass and herbs are gourmet food! When you realise each egg takes 24+ hours to be created and packaged so beautifully, they are even more special.

  15. Oh Celia, look at those lovely eggs from those darling hens. What a curious thing that they leave that one nest wide open. What a lovely home it is indeed.



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